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  1. Yeah well what do you expect. A lot of people are pissed.
  2. I've mentioned it elsewhere in these forums (without the link) and there didn't seem to be any problem. And? CCleaner is a Windows/Mac only program. There's no Linux equlivent for it, except for that program (who's name you censored eariler) which has a palatable GUI for many people out there. It seems to look fine no matter what OS it's on. It also handles DOM storage cleaning for Firefox and Chrome in a way that CCleaner doesn't. That can also be important, so I don't know why piriform is dragging it's feet on that particular issue instead of FUBARing with the GUI. That's the kind of under-the-hood change is what I would welcome and I know they can do it.
  3. Too bad about the censorship around here. I maybe shouldn't have posted a link (and I have no vested interest in them) but you didn't need to censor the rest. Oh and Linux is beyond being called just a kernel anymore. Seems I'm not the only one behind the times.
  4. Basically you have to compromise with IE. Make sure the "enable DOM storage" box is ticked (so the websies will render properly), then add that setting VanguardLH mentioned in CCleaner and periodically clean it out. Not an ideal solution since I'd want it disabled all the time, but there you have it. That said, this option should also be added to CCleaner for both Firefox and Chrome since disabling DOM storage in those browsers also makes certain websites both unreadable and unusable. Any solutions for that?
  5. Considering there are far more Windows 7 users out there than there are Windows 8, I disagree. The current GUI needs work, big time. Not necessarily going back to 4.18, but not the dramatic eyesore that's currently there right now. That white bar on the top is hideous and the whole dumbing-down tinker-toy look leaves a lot to be desired.These are ligitimate complaints I read here, not mass hysteria. [Moderated for non-piriform product promotion DO NOT EDIT]
  6. I downloaded the portable version to see if 5.01.5075 made any GUI improvements and it still looks the same. I guess they don't want to hear from us since they locked the other thread.
  7. Thanks for the Bleachbit tip. I may use it in the future, although I'm not ready to give up on Piriform just yet since I'll wait and see how they respond to this graphical FUBAR in future updates. But it's always good to know it's there.
  8. I do a lot of manual cleans and after a couple of days, I reverted back to v4 because I couldn't stand looking at v5 anymore. A travesty in GUI design. The worst I've seen in a long time.
  9. In other words, don't complain folks. Just keep your mouth shut and pretend it never happened. Don't think so... Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be sure to turn the auto-updater off for now. I'm not necessarily saying go back to the old GUI (I know it needs to be modernized) but the one that's here for now needs some work, big time. Especially that hideous white bar at the top. And add some more color overall to it. Maybe even some 3-D effects.
  10. Wow, this GUI sucks, big time! This Windoze 8 Metro tile look looks like a little kid designed it. Talk about a tinker toy! I'm still on Windows 7 (as most people in the world are) and this thing sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm almost tempted to revert back to the previous version so I won't have to look at it.
  11. titanium, since you can't get a straight answer here, it's probably best to avoid this piece of software when using an SSD. As some others have said, it's bad news using defrag on an SSD and I've had mine permanently disabled since I bought my first machine with an SSD on it. Hopefully defraging drives will become a thing of the past in the next few years as new file systems and behaviors will develop.
  12. And I'm really trying to be polite here, but it's tough with people like you. Maybe you should go bully somebody else. I do appreciate what Andavari and kroozer had to say. Thank you.
  13. Gee, ya know that was a bit rude. I also didn't mean "you" to anybody personally, but in the third person tense addressing nobody specifically. If English isn't your native language then that's perfectly understandable. Also I didn't know the development didn't inhabit these forums (unlike many others) at any time. Good to know for those who aren't here very often.
  14. That's what I'm looking for, thanks. Just a suggestion but maybe you can include it in your next version for those who want to change their shortcut icon to the old one on the desktop. Yes?
  15. I just upgraded to the new version and while it might look great in Windows 8, I'm still using Windows 7 and they don't have the shadings around the big "C" and the whisk broom, making it look like it doesn't match the rest of the desktop. Any way of getting a copy of the old desktop icon back? I can at least save it in the Program file by itself, or have the shortcut icon saved in %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll along with the rest of the ones that I change back to. A small detail but any help would be most appreciated, thanks
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