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  1. I posted above (3 up) about v1.24.632 (64-bit) on an ASUS H81M-A motherboard: I am happy to report that v1.25.674 does report the mother board temperature correctly. Thank you.
  2. Running v1.24.632 (64-bit) on an ASUS H81M-A motherboard: After being on for 2 minutes, Speccy reports a CPU temperature of 28°C, motherboard temperature of 118°C, and WD HD temperature of 26°C. Your programming work is greatly appreciated.
  3. I found a program called HD Tune Pro and ran it. Here is a summary of what it reported: C: Drive, Crucial M4 128 GB, Benchmark Tab Avg - 484.9 MB/s ACS-2-SATA III UDMA Mode 5 UDMA mode 6 D: Drive, Hitachi 1.5 TB, Info Tab ATA8-ACS - SATA III I am going to assume that Speccy is reporting SATA II incorrectly.
  4. Yes, I am running 1.12.265. (As an aside I notice that CPU frequency is reported as 3.30 GHz when in fact I bumped it up to 3.6.)
  5. I have a mobo which has two SATA III ports. I have an SSD and a HDD which are both SATA III. I am using the SATA III mobo ports. When I run Speccy it reports that I am using SATA II only. What do I have to set to make the drives operate in SATA III mode? I can't find anything in the BIOS which should set it at SATA III. (It is set to AHCI.) If you have verified that you are using SATA III (somehow?), does Speccy report SATA III or SATA II?
  6. Update to my problem with Chinese characters in my Startup folder: I downloaded an update to CCleaner ...1409 and ran it tonight. It found one of the two problem entries and I highlighted it and clicked Delete. Msconfig showed one had disappeared. I ran CCleaner again and it found the second one and I deleted it. Rebooted and no errors. They seem to be gone for good. I don't know if I just lucked out or if the programmers at Piriform saw this and are that unbelievably good.
  7. Not really a bug, but this is the background. I found some Chinese crap under my Startup folder tab (Windows XP). I went to CCleaner | Tools | Startup and selected the two lines for deletion. The text (Chinese characters) was deleted. When rebooting I get this as seen in the attachment. I 'X' out of the dialog window and after three or four times it goes away and the reboot continues. When I go to MSConfig the two blocks are still there (unchecked). Can anyone tell me how to completely remove the two items from my Startup folder?
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