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  1. Hello, I used recuva for the first time today to restore files deleted from my cameras memory card. so far is working well. to think I wasted time with sandisk rescue pro. recuva is much faster and 10 time more successful. I thought of two features that could help. files that have been recovered have the first character of the file name as an underscore eg "_MG_5501.CR2" would it be possible to add a character recovery for missing characters if you know what the missing character is, so the recovered file is "IMG_5501.CR2" would it be possible to do that for multiple files? eg several hundred. could there be a small change to the last modified tab where there is tenths of a second. eg: 25/12/2010 08:30.55 it would help further identify which file is which when your shooting at 5+ frames per second like motor sports or airshows. thanks heaps for recuva it rocks cheers Edit: thought of something else, export scan or deep scan results as a text file
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