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  1. I have a new custom-built Windows 7, 64-bit desktop using Intel Desktop board DH55PJ, Intel i5-760 Quad Core 2.80 Ghz processor and 8 Gb Kingston (2-4 Gb modules) DDR3 SDRAM. One of the RAM modules has failed: Windows reported the failure by listing only 4 Gb RAM in "Control Panel >> System" Topala Software's "System Information for Windows" build 0714g reports only 4030 Mb of system memory in its "System Summary" Speccy v1.09.231 reports 1 ram slot as unused but also reports available memory at 8060 Mb
  2. I encountered a very similar situation with a new Win 7 64-bit system just this week. One of the pair of 4 gig RAM cards went bad. Windows identified the problem in Control Panel >> System by reporting only 4 gigs of RAM SIW identified the problem in "System Summary" by reporting only 4030 megs of physical memory Speccy continued to report 8060 megs of RAM available. Speccy has been removed from my system.
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