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  1. Thankyou Mike. Found something that seems to have what i'm after. Take me a month to work it out. Thanks again.
  2. I have used PHOTOSTORY 3 FOR WINDOWS, and got some great results. It dosen't like a lot of audio when changing to dvd fomat though. Fre for windows users at microsoft update-search. Good luck.
  3. Many thanks for all input to-CANNOT INSTALL/UNINSTALL NERO-problem. Running nero cleanpack several times and re-booting several times fixed it. Thankyou Hazelnut. I will try that. Support at Nero takes much to long. I am trying to put together a dvd of home movies and photos,(grand-kids,etc.). Photo story 3 for windows helped part of the way but has problems converting to video when audio is included. Am using NERO VISION to add audio (two separate tracks) and burn to disc. The audio on one track became very crackly and hissy,(for want of a better word). Because of Nero support being much to long forth coming--can anyone reccomend a good, reliable editting and burning software that will do the job. Must have two or more audio tracks to record or copy to.????
  4. hanmay

    nero software

    I cannot install nor unistall latest nero. Error message reads SHELLMANAGER CORRUPT OR MISSING. Have run all nero cleaners and (ofcourse) cc cleaner. Has anyone overcome this problem?
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