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  1. Thanks kit86lr, Issues is working so I think its not a problem of VB. But I will maybe give it a try. SnowOwl Thanks Greenknight, this is why I would like to use Analyze. I would like to know what the cleaner is cleaning. Cause I don't want that ccleaner deleletes something I still use. SnowOwl
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to all this. I have downloaded CCleaner a couple of weeks ago and I tried to use it a couple of times. I am now at the point that I have been thinking of just deleting it, but before that I wanted to try to resolve maybe the issue. I am not much of a computer crack. The Issue part seems to work just fine even if I did not dare to use it really much as I am not sure if I should make a registry backup. Now to the problem: Whenever I am pushing: Analyze its not listing anything. I cannot believe that I have no cookies or whatever on my computer which are to remov
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