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  1. I signed up for this forum for this one purpose. I have used CC Cleaner for several years, through at least 3 computers (this one is 4 years old). I am also no newbie to updates that contain "extras". After Yahoo Toolbar had been downloaded a couple of times, I learned to watch for these "extras" & deny their additions. I also learned how to remove them. Recently, I updated CC Cleaner. Now I might have missed the page where you allow this "extra" or it was contained in the "fine print" that no one reads, but afterwards, I had Google Chrome. Now if I wanted it, I would have downloaded it. In fact, I had it at one time. But after hearing the CEO of Google supporting internet censorship (in his own words as seen by myself in an interview) I erased EVERYTHING Google from my computer. Not only did I get Google Chrome but they screwed up my emails. The hyperlinks do not work now (I had to copy and paste to register). It is my guess that they reconfigured my email hyperlinks to work only with Google Chrome. I have spent several hours trying to fix the problem but still cannot. If someone there could help me I would greatly appreciate it.
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