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  1. Hmmm, I'm assuming I have a different configuration for my system TEMP folder on my home computer.  Since I never had this problem before.


    I will check to see how to change that.







    Hi, you can use data recovery programmes like RECOVER MY files if you want to find lost files. My computer crashed recently and I had lost everything (including 330 songs I had). With a data recovery programme I was able to retrieve at least 150 songs. :) I don't know if that could help you.

  2. :) I don't, But when we all figure out how to get CCleaner wiping out search history in mozilla, We will all tell each other won't we.  :mellow:







    At this moment I don't have much time to answer some of your questions, but I just wanted to comment on this post. For the record, i only NOTICED that the search words were not cleared in Google. That doesn't mean that I have a problem with this fact nor do I look up 'naughty words' in Google.


    Please check your facts before assuming things that are simply not true.

    Sorry if I'm blowing this out of propertion, but I don't like being accused of something I am NOT doing. And what you 'implied' was really offensive to me, suggesting I am some kind of pervert.


    And I am not the only one who commented about the 'search words bug' in Google, see the post of another user in this forum. However he or she didn't get accused of looking up 'naughty words'. :blink: So, why pick on me?


    I know you were probably 'joking' around but I just wanted to set the record straight. As for Mozilla/Firefox cleaning, well, I am hardly ever online anymore, so problem solved... THanks for all your help though.





  3. :huh:




    Since I am using Firefox more and more as my primary browser (because IE is unsafe and provides a lot of ad-ware and spyware), I noticed that CCleaner does not clean the internet cache and internet history of Firefox.


    This 'refusal to clean' also happened with IE sometimes, but after you had performed a second scan everything was cleared.


    However, CCleaner doesn't clean the Mozilla cache and history AT all. Do other Mozilla/Firefox-users have the same problem? Any suggestions?

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