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  1. Negral The Security apps listed, only three are real time security (underlined). The rest are used when I do a security scans during my weekly security check. thanks and regards johnb1
  2. Compumind and Redhawk Thanks for your replies. Greatly appeciated. Both, Full Win 7 OS and Safe Mode came up with "Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1" when I ran this script. In my limited PC programing experience and humable opinion, it has to be a programming problem. How is it, cCleaner which is also a Piriform software app, getting the correct information (MS Window 7 Home Premium, SP1). Thanks and regards johnb1
  3. RedHawk and Nergal Thanks for your replies. First: What does this script do? How do you run it? I am not familar with os.vbs. Second: I have listed my computer's security below. No, the print out does not show the correct OS and SP. I look forward to your replies. Thanks and regards johnb1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows 7 Home Premium-SP1-64Bit - Dell 435T - 6GB RAM - WD 1.5 TB E
  4. Now this odd! I went into SafeMode and for some reason, I ran Speccy. What did I see; the Operating System was displaying the correct Window 7 OS. So I quickly restarted my computer to go in to Window 7 Full OS. I ran Speccy to see if it was displaying the correct OS. It was NOT! Go figure. (See attachments). I will leave it up to the Piriform software guru's to figure this one out. regards johnb1
  5. First let mention that I am a big fan of both Piriform's cCleaner and Speccy. I have been using cCleaner for over two years and have been using Speccy when the version was 0.xx.xxx. Both have what I am looking for in function ability. I have the latest versions of these two Piriform's software apps. cCleaner is 3.07.1457 64bit and Speccy is 1.11.256. And as you can see Speccy does not agree with cCleaner when it comes to Operating Systems. cCleaner (1) is correct. I am running Windows7 Home Premium 64bit SP1 OS. Speccy (2) is wrong. I am NOT running Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit SP2 O
  6. I have installed several versions of Speccy. When originally installed I had Vista SP1 and the Operating System was correctly id'ed. When I installed Vista SP2, it correctly id'ed my operating system. But when I installed Windows 7 it still id's my operating system as Vista SP2.My current operating system Windowss 7 SP1 64 bits. Sounds like a bad lookup table. johnb1
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