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  1. same as above here, drivers show out of date when they are not.
  2. Hi, the driver updater could not update several items and i found those cab file updates here https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=C230+ One of the cab files found is https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/ScopedViewInline.aspx?updateid=10a50a65-79aa-46a9-978a-8b482bd0987c However there is no option to update the cab file via a feature of the updater, such as the ability to update the cab file manually via the updater. I have tried to use the command prompt in admin mode to update the downloaded cab file without success. Are you planning to add the manual feature to the updater so we can just point to the downloaded cab file and install it? If not, do you have a suggestion of how to update the cab file for windows 10/64 Thanks 20854931_df3d960c51f0457c4c7f214c0f11f2e0fa5081c9.cab
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, that makes sense. i know that i had monitoring on as i have gotten the popup many times. So what you said makes sense that it will stay pro. It is possible that i did not renew the expired key that was emailed to me and that is the only key that exists. And when i removed it, then it set it back to default. Thanks for helping to clear this up. Ill have to take care of this on payday. Would you advise me to use the same expired key from 2016 and then pay, or just get a new key?
  4. Hi, i got a notice that there was an update when i ran CC today. But when i ran the update it failed and said it could not copy or find the exe file. So i had to uninstall CC and download the free version again. The problem is that i know i had professional but when i did the key request it only came back with one key and that expired in 2016. I know i had professional but i tried all three of my email addresses and only one came back positive but i dont want the old key. I know i had a new one, im searching now to see if maybe i printed out the receipt. Has this happened to anyone else while installing?
  5. No sir because while i was unchecking items during the re-setup (according to the article) i unchecked the box that said let processes run in background. Also all i did as a test was clean everything manually so that nothing was in google history, then i visited one site, then i closed google, then i check processes and google was not running, then i ran CCleaner and then i checked history and that site was still there in history. How can this protect privacy when it leaves history items in history? So either there is sometihng new that prevents the history from being cleared or there is a bug in the software, or something with the instructions is not correctly spelled out, has to be one of the three. But regardless of that, someone should have have to read the full docs in order to clear their history, it should be click and go pretty much.
  6. Hi, I have used CCleaner for years and im happy to have it as i have always felt a sense of security and privacy having it. Well that has been until recently. A few days ago i noticed by accident that after i ran CCleaner that my google history was still there. So i did some checking on the web and found some instructions in which you needed to log into your google acount and check this and that and make sure to set this and that. Anyway that seemed to work so i was content with that for the moment at such time. But today i was not logged into my google account and after running CCleaner i noticed history was still there. And it started me thinking "wait a minute here, do i have to be logged into my google account every time in order for CCleaner to clean up my history?" Well apparently i do. So i started checking other browsers and sure enough some history is still there as well. Then i started getting alittle upset i might add. So rather than explain everything to you, and with the fact that the article that i read about fixing this (dated in 2013) had also mentioned that the developers of CCleaner also read the forums i will just say this much. Dear guys and gals that develope CCleaner, i understand there are choices and not everyone has the paid version of CCleaner and maybe they dont get special features but that is not me, i pay for the professional version and with that all i want is one thing ok please. When i push the freaken button i want my history or any other trackable records "clean" its that simple! I dont want to have to log into my browers or do anything else in order for this to happen. I feel i pay for the privilege of this feature and i want it. It is really just that simple OK, when i push the button "clean my system history and all of it, not part of it" Is that really too much to ask. I dont want to fuss with this or that or make special considerations or do something special, i just want it clean!! If you cant do that then i will let my subscription run out and ill go find something that does do this. Also if you cant do this then you need to put that information on the front page of your site "Not all history is removed automatically" because otherwise you are in fact misleading people. I pay for privacy and that is what i want, please fix your software so that it actually performs as expected. Thanks Dave
  7. Hi was was reading this http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=9976 regarding the choice we had to choose between secure file deletion and no custom folder files removed or normal deletion and custom files and folders are processed. Is this still the case? thanks.
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