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  1. They are stored in the "my documents" folder. What happen was over a period of time i acculumated about 15 different back ups, and sinced my computer was running ok, i thought i would clean them up, but instead of delelting them, it sends the one's i highlight to be deleted to the recycle bin and also duplicates them again in the my documents file. I have about 24 copies of each one now because every time it duplicates one it gives it a number. Thank you
  2. evertime i use the clean issues files, it asks me if i want to back them up and i always do. i got to the point where i had about 25 files saved and everything was working fine, so i decided to dumb about 20 of the old files. Well to make a long story short it just kept dublicating them, to the point of when i realized what was happening i had about 15 copies of each. Could someone please tell me how to remove these files, i would greately appreciate it. Thanks
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