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  1. This seems to have done the trick. Thank you for your help.
  2. I'm trying to apply an update and I'm getting this error, followed by C:/Program Files/CCleaner/CCleaner.exe. I've used this program for years and I'm completely stumped. I tried some of the fixes I found by Googling but nothing worked. The account I'm using is an administrator account, but I right clicked the installer and selected "Run as administrator." I followed the directions about going to C:/Program Files/CCleaner -- right click/Properties/Users/Full Control. I still can't update the program.
  3. Nikilet

    S-L-O-W ?

    I'm just trying the free version of Defraggler and it's been running forever. How long is this supposed to take? I think the built-in Windows defrag is faster than this. I know it's still running because I can see the files moving across the bottom. Also, it must be the Defraggler that's making my computer run slower than heck. Browser doesn't hardly want to work. Wht am I dong wrong, please?
  4. I've noticed for awhile now that CCleaner runs up through the 98% very quickly. Then when it reaches that it takes forever for that last 2% to finish.
  5. OK, thanks. I think I got it through my head now. I guess this means that my Diskeeper program has been working and doing its job then. Thanks for your patience and help. Have a very good day.
  6. I thank both of you for your answsers, but neither of you answered the question I asked. Why was there the same percentage of fragmentation after as there was before? It doesn't matter whether it was 14% or 30%. I wonder why it did not change at all after running the defrag process.
  7. I have Diskeeper, but decided to try this Defraggler today. After the defrag it shows way less fragmented files and total fragments, but shows the same percentage of fragmentation after as it had before.
  8. "Cleaner" function: Which items should I safely have checked? I have attached a screenshot of what I dared check on my own. I don't want to remove anything that might cause me problems. Can someone advise?
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