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  1. You're right Anthony, I'm perfectly happy with FF 2. It's totally stable and all the extensions I need run smoothly. I'll stick with it and resist the urge to change to something new for changes sake. Woody
  2. Thanks for that. Now, the question is, what other excuse can I come up with?
  3. I'm also waiting. Until I can use my chosen theme, Kempelton, which I love, I'll stick with
  4. I think my favourite would have to be Nebraska. Woody.
  5. That's one of of my all time favourite albums Dennis. Great desktop.
  6. Why don't you start the thread yourself? Then the rest of us can respond.
  7. I have to agree with you Anthony that awarding the games to Beijing was a mistake. The episode of the little singing girl is appalling and will, I'm sure , backfire on the Chinese. Everyone knows this is unacceptable and they will be held up to ridicule.
  8. That's v good Mr B. Woody
  9. Welcome to the forum, this is a friendly place. We all enjoy talking about anything and everything here. Start a thread about your favourite dog breeds, why not? Nobody bites. Woody.
  10. Central Park in the rain.
  11. Central Park in the rain.
  12. If you don't want the toolbar then don't choose to install it. Hazel has already pointed this out to you. When installing you can choose "other builds" From there, if you wish, you can choose "Slim" ie: English only, No toolbar. Please don't blame CCleaner for your own stupidity. Woody,
  13. Woody


    Well, did you see the Men's final? Phenomenal, the best I've seen since the Borg...Mac era. Woody
  14. Now I wonder why he's chosen this. Delivery Sept 4th. Woody ours will be in this colour.
  15. I'm with BT. This is for a friend who is with Tiscali. Thanks Andavari but she won't have Spywareblaster. Perhaps I should introduce her to it.
  16. That's it. Thank you!
  17. How do I get rid of browser advertising? Browser provided by Tiscali etc. This is for a friend. I've done it on mine but forgotten how. Thanks as always. Woody.
  18. Thanks for that. Wonderful site.
  19. Woody

    Mazda RX8

    Estimated delivery is end of July or first week in Aug. Mary's birthday is Aug 2nd. Perfect. Our car is the m sport version. More sporty wheels etc. Woody
  20. Woody

    Mazda RX8

    Thanks Dennis. I just hope it'll be safe on our drive. This will be the first brand new car we've ever had. Woody.
  21. Woody

    Mazda RX8

    We might just take you up on that Hazel. Woody.
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