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  1. Totally agree. I love Firefox but have been avoiding V3. And I didn't think it supported the theme I treasure (there's a boring pun here, available only to the terminally bored, or else the excessively sharp witted) But since Andavari has gone with it and it supports Kempelton, I've gone with it. Woody
  2. A very merry Christmas to everyone on the forum. Woody
  3. 21....and a few months. Quite a few actually. In fact a hell of a lot. Let me find my calculator..... Ah yes, here it is. 21yrs and 324 months. Work it out for yourselves. Woody
  4. I'm shocked that people vote for their own.
  5. But hey, it was worth a try. A black 911 turbo, oh lordy lordy, another sleepless night for me.
  6. I suppose my dream car has always been the Porsche 911. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford one... But I'm always aware of the dictum, ( be careful what you wish for ) Woody
  7. RE: Andavari, did you get my link to BBC i player? So you can watch the latest series of Top Gear?
  8. Congrats Humpty. Just pass your bank details over and it will be paid in promptly. ( I think the scammers picked on the wrong person here )
  9. I agree. A ridiculous over reaction. I love Top Gear as well. In fact I think I'll watch the latest episode now on the computer. Can you use BBC i Player in the US? If so you can watch the current series of Top Gear and also back episodes.
  10. Well, call me old-fashioned, but did you really have to share this with us?
  11. There's been an election in America? Well, they kept that quiet.
  12. All hail the boy genius. The young black kid from a council estate in Stevenage is now the king of F1. Long may he reign.
  13. Never. The mods here are tested, rigorously, for their testiness. They are also rigorously tested, for their rigour. This ensures that we have the least testy and most rigorous mods available.
  14. 67,173 have the name Stuart. 277,851 have my surname. There are 61 of me.
  15. Never a truer word was spoken.
  16. My wife, in Rome, two years ago.
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