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  1. okay, i thought the problems were fixed....nothing is that easy though. this is the link to the application event viewer. for some reason everytime i try to save the system file, it appears to save just as the other, but it is not on the desktop when i go to upload the link http://www.upload2.net/download2/DJevulYsI...entvwr.csv.html
  2. everytime i try to run a registry check, on 1.28.277, as well as the old one it completes 91% of the check and then says there was an unexpected error. then, it will just sit there until i force it to shut down. once i force shutdown it tells me there is an unexpected problem with DrWatsons PostMortem Debugger. Is this part of the crap cleaner program? i never (intentionally) downloaded this debugger. what can i do to get ccleaner to work properly? I know i have registry problems but i just don't know how to fix it. RegScrub works, but i don't think it is fixing everything. HELP!!
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