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  1. Hi, First of all I really appreciate using your program. My problem relates to what could have caused my network and internet connection to be terminated after using your cc1.30, both repairing issues and two cleaning modules. I run win xp without sp2, however, use many spyware, adware, registrry boosters, and sytem mechanic. I also optimize and defrag my hard drive daily and keep all antiviral definitions updated regularly as I do with the malware programs. My default browser is Firefox and Thunderbird as the mail client. I have a Cox Cable 650KB/sec. broadband modem connected to a wired rout
  2. When I cleaned the issues area, a backup was made for me. So I went ahead and cleaned the application area and no backup was offered. Is there a spot where the application cleaning and file deletion can be found in case there is something that should not have been removed from my application area? Thank youy, Miles
  3. Thanks, HUMPTY I think all my scanners that remove files make backups in case a file that is needed gets removed. Maybe all these files from the many scanners I use are what CCleaner is trying to delete in its analysis!! I bet you are right. Miles Thank you, lokoike I appreciate your welcome and advice. All you guys in the thread have been so helpful. Miles
  4. Hi, I have a Win Xp Home,Pentium 4 , 2.4 ghz cpu, 512 mb ram, and two 80 gb Hard Drives Computer in a 3 computer wired network with a dsl modem and Linksys router. I use and daily update the following programs to insure all is well, clean and the computer runs well, like new: Adware Se, Spybot S & D, System Mechanic, P C Medic, AvG Anti Viral, Cleancache, and Bug Doctor. The computer is 3 years old and a generic brand. My question and concern are as follows: After running all these programs and deleting all unecessary registry entries, pointless files and shortcuts, emptying the caches, e
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