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  1. Well, I have been doing internet tech support for many years now. Winsock is what makes TCP/IP work and TCP/IP is what allows/disallows traffic over the internet. Since I could work on the internal network (windows network not using tcp/ip) and not on the net, I got suspicious. Anyhow, I cut and paste the exact error message into Google and up came the solution.
  2. OK, when I followed ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS on the Miscrosoft website (not just the netsh command), it solved the problem. Thank you all for your help. I hope that the link I provided and the knowledge of reading and following all the instructions, helps others solve this issue. CCleaner may oor may have not corrupted my winsock, but this is the solution.
  3. OK, I just found out that this error was caused by a corrupt winsock and typing in netsh winsock reset will fix the corruption. A reboot is required. However, after doing this, I was able to connect to the dhcp server and get an address, but I still cannot get on the internet. I can get to places via the ip address, but not via the www. I changed my dns servers to 2 different ones (both are known to work) and neither of them are working. Ideas? BTW, that answers was at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=811259
  4. krit86lr, yes I did do an "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew". The release works fine, but when I renew I get an error that says: ---------------------------- An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection. An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. ---------------------------- hazelnut, I followed your instructions: When I do that, I get an error that says: ---------------------------- Windows could not finish repairing the problem the following action cannot be completed. Renewing your IP address ---------------------------- I checked the other machines on the network and they are all using dhcp and working fine. Again I wish to note that it was working fine for months then I ran Ccleaner and now it does not work anymore. BTW, thank you for all the help you are providing. I appreciate the fact that there are still people in this world willing to help. ideas?
  5. Yes I have, it did not help. In Windows XP, that is all done via the TCP/IP setting in the network Config. I am all setup that way. Something in CCleaner did something. I cannot tell what it is. What about the answers to my other questions.
  6. I installed the latest version of CCeaner on my PC running XP SP2 and it seemed to work just fine. I backed up the registry via the program, but when it checked for problems and then found some, it seemed to clean them out. Which is good I suppose. But now I have no internet access at all. My computer will not reach out to my router and get its DHCP address and although I can hard code an ip address, gatway, etc I have no internet access. My other machines on the network can get to my computer so this is not a network card issue. How do I fix this? How do I restore my backed up registry? Was files deleted? I did not see any mentiion of files being deleted. My entire computer is not much more than a rock right now. HELP!! I have to get here via my mac now and I hate this machine.
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