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  1. Yesterday i sent a message to McAfee Webscan referring to the redirect of the download access to ccleaner.com and filehippo.com Later that day i was able to successfully download the latest version via filehippo,com link. Thanks to "mta" in particular, and to "hazelnut", and "nikki605", for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated. Have a great day!
  2. Weird huh.I still remember when they had a malware issue back in Sept 2017... I am going to wait until the next update is available and try to download then. I always preferred to go to the piriform.com download page to get updates, instead of using the default via filehippo.com
  3. Attn Hazelnut. I went to the link that you provided, and still got same result. McAfee antivirus stopped me from downloading from the "builds" page.. I guess that i will wait for the next update and try to download then. Thanks
  4. I have been using the free version of C-Cleaner for years. Usually i download updates via www.piriform.com, however when i tried that, the file available for download is setup539, not the current version. So i selected the default website indicated for downloading the free version which is, "www.filehippo.com". When my pc started to download the new version v5.41.6446 (13 Mar 2018), my McAfee antivirus stopped my download and warned me that the website was not safe. Will Piriform be updating their www.piriform.com download link, so that the new version can be downloaded safely?
  5. Hi: I understand that C-Cleaner only cleans 32 bit files and only removes 32bit parts of the registry? I have Windows7 Ultimate 64bit and i use CCleaner on a daily basis. I read someplace that it only indentifys and removes 32bit files. Will Piriform be offering a version of C-Cleaner that cleans the 64bit files and registry entries??
  6. Hi: Today for some reason when running C-Cleaner a box popped up, requesting that i close Firefox and Chrome browsers so the cache files would be cleaned. But the browsers were closed. This error has never occurred before. Tried to reboot ,but had to force a warm-boot.
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