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  1. Ahh I did DoD short, so I'm good. Took about 8 and a half hours. I suppose my PC is ready for selling I'll be sure to post back here in this thread if I have any other concerns, but as of now, thanks for everyones help.
  2. So basically it's secure enough for everybody except the NSA and FBI and shiz like that? No user equipment could recover my credit details? If that be the case, then I'll be happy to sell my PC knowing it is safe and secure from little thief-o'z
  3. No I have it working. Many people run into problems because of media card readers. Since the ASUS Crosshair III Formula ROG board doesn't have the ability to just turn it off, I had to take the side panel of my Antec 1200 off and unplug the media card reader from the board. Since I did this, DBAN works fine. However I do have an issue whereby if I do standard DoD it says it'll take like 16 hours. I cancelled it and ran DoD Short. Will 3 pass be good enough to cover personal details, bank details, etc? Assuming someone who buys the computer intends to snoop around with the intention of finding
  4. OK. I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the fact that this so called awesome software that gets rid of your data on your HDD, is in actual fact, a piece of s**t. Entropy: Linux blah blah... errr, no it isn't. It's Windows, so stop going to /dev/sdd and failing all the time. Someone please give me a hand here. Seriously, I would like to sell my computer this century. It was written to the disc correctly, are there any ways to erase my HDD which are relatively simple?
  5. The first disc I made I did with Windows burner, which failed. I also read up on that. The 2nd disc I created which booted, was written down with ImgBurn. I held F8 at start up, booted from the disc drive and selected the algorithms for secure file deletion, had everything set up, hit F10 and it tried to start from /dev/sda1, which I know full well is a Linux route to the HDD, even though I have little experience of how it all works. I have no issues and the bios for this motherboard is great, I have no boot issues other than the fact that DBAN treats my PC as Linux.
  6. Well once it's erased, the only time I'll turn it on is when I check to see if the fans are OK prior to selling. The OS will be gone. I won't bother selling Vista OEM and Windows 7 OEM with it because the people might end up having to call Microsoft for a new serial and end up having to pay. I don't want to risk that. They can get new OEM software for the computer (motherboard) anyway for about ?70, which isn't all too expensive, or, if they wish, they can try out Linux. 7 passes on a 500GB HDD? Damn, that'll take ages. So DoD instead of DoD Short? Why is DBAN saying my computer is Lin
  7. OK slight problem. Darin's Boot And Nuke seems to think I'm running Linux. Yep. Loads "LinuxISO" and then tries to start at /dev/sda and fails. I figured by getting the latest software at the website, it'd of pointed out to me if it was a Linux version that I was downloading, but no... it just said, blah blah blah, this is the latest version. Didn't say anything about Windows or Linux. Is there a Windows specific version or could someone point out to me which of the previous versions is a good one? I'd rather spend more time burning failed CD-R's. Also, is 3 passes secure enough fo
  8. What should I do? I need to erase my HDD in like a week? Thx
  9. I suppose that is all I will have to do then. Just tell them what's what with the PC and what the deal is with the OS and hope I get a good price. PC monitor goes with it, as well as speakers, keyboard, mouse etc. The mobo and memory are good, so hopefully I get a decent amount for it. So if I was to totally erase (securely ) my entire HDD, what would I go about doing, right now? Instructions? I've done plenty of shopping on here and I've checked my online bank statements many many times. I know, chances are they wouldn't get hold of it, but of course I don't want to take chances, nor sh
  10. I figured, because it's the same PC and the OS is bound to the motherboard, since I'm selling the motherboard why can't the OS, which is bound to it, go along with it - both Vista and Windows 7 HP 64 bit. My concern here though is that because I've installed Vista once and Windows 7 5 times (yep, 5 times), just for the sake of starting fresh, that they will end up having to call MS and then MS might call them up on it not originally being their PC. If I do sell it with the OS being apart of it, well... damn, I just sold them thin air? I don't want to be one of those guys, yano? I don't rip peo
  11. Read back. I said could I sell this system with the OS? The OEM is system builders software, so it is specifically for this system. Everything except the motherboard can be changed, but since I'm selling the computer with the same stuff - motherboard included - I figured is there a chance I can sell Windows Vista and Windows 7 with it? If so, would it actually be tied with my name on the computer? Could I sell a completely formatted computer, Windows Vista and Widndows 7 and have that person install either (or both) and connect to the internet (same motherboard remember) and have their PC regi
  12. I know it's been a week since my reply, but I'm pretty close to choosing my Notebook, therefore I'll need to erase (securely) absolutely everything on the HDD, so it's secure and safe enough to sell to somebody else. How would I go about securely erasing a 465GB HDD (7,200rpm)? I've come across DBAN before but I've never used it. I do have an OEM copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, which came with this system. Which brings me to another point - could I sell this PC with the OEM Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit software? Or will it be specifically tied my name as the person on the computer?
  13. Within the next 4-5-6 months, some time around then, perhaps sooner (a few weeks even), I will be getting a Laptop, due to uncertainties of where I will be living and on how frequently I'll be moving around. For this reason, I cannot take a 30+ kg PC with an Antec 1200 case - which is massive - around with me, nor can I take a 20" 5 kg screen, a set of desktop speakers, a seperate keyboard, mouse and a desk itself. I need a more portable solution. A notebook! I've decided that my only option of getting a notebook would be to sell all of the above and get a laptop. However I am unsure about
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