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  1. works :)

    great job, thanks!


    probably time I start looking at the purchase options for this app.

    it's been a mainstay in my maintenance arsenal for some time now; definitely proven its worth, that's for sure.


    thanks for the info and for the quick response.

  2. I use the Include Specific Folders option in CCleaner to wipe out the contents of the Temp folders in user profiles.


    I'd like to be able to use the %USERPROFILE% variable to avoid having to manually browse to the C:\Users\[uSER]\AppData\Local\Temp path every time I set up CCleaner.


    I'm not able to get it to work manually editing the .ini file.


    I've tried %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp path, but CCleaner doesn't detect any data in this location, though it exists.

    Works fine when I browse for the path through the GUI.


    Anyone had any luck with editing the .ini file for this?

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