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  1. mal

    Cat says NO!

    this site has some really bad utubes . The op is a cat with neurological problems or is in a home where it is mistreated. The worst is the bird giving up her life protecting her kids.
  2. mal


    Where's lulu? She liked cats. ps only way I could log in was right click on "sign in" and opt for a new window [ firefox]
  3. Yeah it's bad. I remember when I was 7 years old, a chocolate bar was so big I had too hold it with both hands!
  4. Some notes.. back up your stuff make a folder and name it what ever the new laptop will be called eg bobs download all the drivers for "bobs" and put them in the bobs folder. The wired and wireless nics are very handy to have working on the new laptop. Make an effort to get the right drivers. Back up back up your stuff
  5. Hi Lulu. If your laptop has the original copy of XP [OEM], you should be able to get rid of your drivers, then install the hard drive on the new laptop following the instructions in this thread: http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=42051 If both laptops are the same make you should not have any activation problems .. use the keys on the bottom of the laptops - if you do have a problem phone Microsoft Activation and say you had a hard drive failure. edit I forgot that you are not doing a reinstal, just a drivers swap, so you would not need he key on the bottom of your laptop
  6. Tried it on XPx64 last night. Did not work at Snotr. So uninstall, back to 32bit. 23bit on XPx64 works well anyways.
  7. this post leads me to a useful program that hasnt been made yet. In my "storage/tools I have maybe 50 programs I have downloaded over the years, from win 311 to vista. Most of these just have exe with no name attached, so going properties gives no info. To find out what the exe is , I open it[ double click] and wait until the installer says what it is. Then I hit cancel. There should be a program that would look at a directory "storage/tools" and show all the info. [hope this makes sense]
  8. You could name it Tiddles. Great name awesome history. If she/he turns its head when you call Tiddles! you have a name,
  9. When uninstalling an intrusive program, I run ccleaner as part of the uninstall.
  10. The machine I'm typing on is XPx64. Web browser, movies, burner, audacity, laser printer etc. What would make me move to a newer OS would be a killer app that wouldnt run on XP. I run one linux box for a killer app that wont run on MS.[too lazy to go linux whole hog].
  11. Thanks Hazelnut for the link. That link is for people who cant see other comps on the network. What I have is not a problem- it is an annoyance. Instead of one right click [network places explore] to see all the comps , I need to click 4-5 clicks. edit: got it! right click my network places-explore-tools-folder options-view. then check the top box [Automatically search for Network folders and printers]
  12. Modem - router- switch- 3 xp on"mshome" - 3 xp on "workgroup" I just set up two more XP boxes on my "workgroup" lan. Normally when I explore My Network Places, The screen opens with all the computer names and their shares. On the new builds, when I right click explore in My Network Places, I get a mostly empty screen with the defaults= My Network Places- Entire Network- Microsoft Terminal - Microsoft Windows Network- and Web client . SO.. I go Entire Network- Microsoft Windows Network. It only shows the 3 workgroup computers no mshome ones. When I right click on My Network Places explore, I want all the computers to show up. What am I missing or not turning on?
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