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  1. Months later, version 5.40 still doesn't work.
  2. Okay, thanks. Obviously a terrible design by Microsoft.
  3. Well, I just replicated it on the Piriform forum. All I did was close the IE browser, go into CCleaner and right-click the "Saved Passwords" option under "Microsoft Edge" and selected "Clean Saved Passwords".
  4. It turns-out that the "Saved Passwords" option under "Microsoft Edge" is wiping-out the usernames/password in Internet Explorer. This is obviously not supposed to be happening.
  5. In Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 10 (and possibly other versions of Windows), CCleaner v.5.30.6065 removes SOME usernames and passwords... even though the "Autocomplete Form History" and "Saved Passwords" options are NOT selected under the "Internet Explorer" section. In addition, the websites in question are listed in the "Cookies to Keep" section in Options/Cookies.
  6. I'm just wondering why there has been no one at Piriform is addressing this issue. Seems odd there is no official response after nearly two months. Even a simplistic response such as "we are looking into this" or "this change is by design" would be helpful. Let's be clear about this issue. Using the Menu Order Cache option of CCleaner now removes any custom ordering of the IE Favorites Bar. This has not always been the case. This is undesirable as there is now no way to reorder the Start Menu without also alphabetizing the IE Favorites Bar.
  7. No, it has NOT always done this. As I mentioned, I already disabled that checkbox as a temporary workaround, but that is not a solution.
  8. Internet Explorer 11 running on Windows 7 Professional SP1.
  9. CCleaner v5.29 now removes custom ordering of the IE Favorites Bar with the use of the Menu Order Cache option, which is undesired. It is now unchecked, but this alphabetization result for the IE Favorites Bar did not occur in the most recently installed previous versions.
  10. v5.26 does not exhibit this issue... rolled it back and works fine. IMHO it makes no sense to roll-out v5.28 without addressing a show-stopper.
  11. It appears that CCleaner is clearing the list of allowed popup sites in Firefox. I'm not sure why there would be any feature in CCleaner to do this. Anyway, it appears that the "Site Preferences" item under Firefox is what causes this... unfortunately, this option does not appear to be documented in your online docs. What else does this feature do?
  12. The Last Active directory (for IE8) is not cleaned by default: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\Last Active I can do this manually by first going into Windows Explorer and selecting: Tools > Folder Options... > View then unchecking "Hide protected operating system files". Then, in ccleaner (must be restarted after the above change), go to: Options > Include > Add Folder Browse to the above location (replacing "user" with your Windows username) and select. Make sure to select the checkbox labeled "Custom Files and Folders" under "Advanced", then run ccleaner. Question... should this not be cleaned automatically via one of the ccleaner options?
  13. Yes, same here. Compatibilty View sites are erased after ccleaner runs on both 2.18 and 2.19 versions. Running XPSP3.
  14. There are certain files that are not removed until a reboot occurs. If you look at the log after the cleaning operation, you will see possibly three items listed as "Marked for deletion". When you reboot, these files are removed and the complete history should be cleared at this point.
  15. This was an issue with a program called "Eraser" as well. I stopped using that after is trashed my HD and I had to re-image my computer. I sure hope you guys have this under control.
  16. Now that you've added the "Shutdown after Clean" option, why not a "Logoff after Clean" option? I don't want my computer shutdown, but NEED to logoff.
  17. Stupid to respond to oneself.... does that indicate insanity??? However, once I read how to add to CCleaner, I created and tested the following: [GroupWise Messenger] LangSecRef=3021 Detect=HKCU\Software\Novell\Messenger Default=True FileKey1=%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Novell\GroupWise Messenger\history\%user%|*.* Just add the above text to a new (or existing) file C:\Program Files\CCleaner\winapp2.ini
  18. Just so long as we can disable the sound effects. I have enough noise in my life!
  19. Cleaning of GroupWise Messenger chat history is a needed feature.
  20. JMR

    Feature Suggestion

    Not necessarily... sometimes this will occur after only a couple of weeks... in particular it will happen if you do secure deletion, sometimes repeating dozens of times. There should be SOME way to at least estimate an overal time and percentage of completion without first doing a complete analysis of everything.
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