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    Registry Backup

    Very sneaky ... hiding that option until after I made the commitment to "Fix Selected Issues". Wouldn't it be better to offer that option before making the alterations? In any case, I Thank you.
  2. mortman

    Registry Backup

    I must be missing something. In the Issues window, all I see is a list of items for Registry Integrity and File Integrity with a checkbox next to each. The only other item is a button to Scan for Issues. Nowhere do I see a place to save the registry prior to cleaning.
  3. mortman

    Registry Backup

    Just installed and ran the CCleaner for the first time. It solved a problem that I've been trying to deal with for over a year. I'm using Win XP Home and all my programs have been running well. Problem was, I could download the many MS patches, etc., but they would never install. Instead, the machine would just lock up and had to be rebooted. After running CCleaner, suddenly all was right with the world. A zillion security patches, and even SP1 and SP2 installed without a hitch. Microsoft had called in all the kings horses and all the kings men, but they couldn't find a solution for me. One question: The information I've seen indicates that I can keep a backup of the Registry, yet I can't find where to set that option. Also, where would that backup be saved? Any help would be appreciated.
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