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  1. Hi again Hazelnut Sorry i was being lazy, i checked out the settings and I've found in the settings "delete invocations" which I've applied and this does as you have said. It empties the sandbox on closure, so i'll stick with this for now. Thanks for your help, its a shame i can't get CC to do it. Incidentally there is a sandbox option in the applications list under utilities which i have ticked and can confirm it doesn't do anything. I think the CC program writers/owners should have a look at that as its a complete waste of time having the program listed in CC when it doesn't clea
  2. Hi again Hazelnut So you use sanboxie? How did you set it up to do that? I can empty the sandbox as usual by right clicking the sandbox in the taskbar then defaultBox then empty. But are you saying when you close the sandboxed browser it empties automatically? obviously i'd like to let CC do the work but if i can set sandboxie up as above in the meantime that would be useful. Regards
  3. Hi again Hazelnut I've been testing and CC does see the sandboxie default box and cleans the regHive but leaves the drive folder and the user folder. This isn't much help as the drive and user folders retain all the PC and web activity. Before my PC crash i had it set up exactly as i do now and CC would clear the sandboxie sandbox completely, i mean it would be empty. Any ideas Regards
  4. Hi Hazelnut No the default box doesn't empty nor has it ever, it's not set up that way.... Do you have ''Automatically delete contents of sandbox'' in delete settings for the Default Sandbox? No i don't, I've never set it up that way. I've always preferred to let CC clean everything.... I've uninstalled both CC and Sanboxie 5.18 completely with Revo uninstaller and reinstalled both. I've added the sandboxie default box to CC and it still won't empty Any ideas Regards
  5. Hi i've added it to the include list under the options by clicking the prompts in "add". Nergal, there is no windows tab under advanced. Theres Windows event logs and Windows size/location cache. I've put a couple of word docs in a test folder on my desktop and then added that to the list and it works fine. i.e. i run CC and the test folder on the desktop gets emptied. Help, any other ideas Regards
  6. Hi all recently i had to reset win10. As you know i could keep all my files but had to reinstall all programs/apps. Since installing CC v5.30 it will not empty my default sandbox. When i install sandboxie i keep it as standard and don't add any sandboxies. I add it as C:\Sandbox\*,* and to make sure i also add C:\Sandbox\The_boss\*,* and the full pointer of C:\Sandbox\The_boss\DefaultBox\*,* I've checked and the box is not emptied, any ideas I'm pulling my hair out here as there is no other permutation to add it as Please help regards...
  7. Thanks for the reply, i supose it makes sense. I think I'll just have to be patient and see if it gets fixed in the next release. In the meantime I can manually clear my history from the settings if I feel a need to...
  8. Morning, I don't mean to sound pushy but does anyone have any explanation for my problem......................
  9. Hi, i've posted a query about the edge browser. Edge seems to be suffering the same problems ???
  10. Afternoon all, I've just started on a new PC with windows 10. I've been using CC for at least the last 10 years without any major problems but I've just been experimenting cleaning the edge browser and find that with all options ticked my recent history appears as I type. CC does appear to clean the history, as when I Ctrl+H the only history that shows is from the current browsing session. But when I type a new search in the search bar all my past searches start to populate?? Am I missing something or is there a problem cleaning edge. Any help would be most appreciated, thanks... ​
  11. Isn't it it dangerous to have the secure write feature on the mac version as most macs now have SSDs
  12. Hi, as more and more people start using or building a computer with a SSD over a HDD would it be possible to make CC more friendly towards a SSD. I am going to buy a new PC with a SSD and am worried about the wear or damage CC could do to it. Apple are moving over to SSDs and most PC manufactures now offer a SSD option so surely it makes sense to cover the SSD option, thanks...
  13. hotrod

    CC on a SSD

    Thanks for that quick reply, ( very useful info there ) i think as more and more people move over to a SSD the makers of CC should perhaps add a button on the program to enable settings for a SSD, as in the system and advanced cleaning panels there are places that do not need cleaning.
  14. hotrod

    CC on a SSD

    Hi all I am currently in the process of renewing my PC and thinking of using a SSD over a HDD. Would it still be OK to use CC to clear all temp files and visited sites etc. I understand that no overwriting is necessary or in fact desired due to wear etc. I have used CC for years and would like to carry on using it on my new PC with a SSD, any info would be great, thanks...
  15. Thanks for your quick reply Nergal, i have located it in my winapp2 and deleted it. I can't see any point in having it in winapp2 if CC has it in the program, thanks again.
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