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  1. karrygun

    i risk ?

    i would say if all files deleted can be deleted if i'm not happy of they recover. in same disk. i know, if i recover a file in same disk i'll can't recover after. in option -> action the firsts 3 are so or i risk?
  2. karrygun

    i risk ?

    i would say if all options in actions excluding "scan for un-deleted files" are safe to be recovered and deleted.
  3. in the old pc had xp home. now xp pro. I know that the boot defrag does not work for two reasons: at restart, the boot defrag start only for 1 second and I've used novabenchfor test the speed of PC. results? same ...
  4. why the boot time defrag not work? when i haved the old pc, boot time defrag work for few minutes. now start but not work. i wait only 1 second. i not haved never used in this notebook (6 mounth next format). i've used a similar program and i have 12% defrag and 4,4mb
  5. no. i haven't used wipe free space., what i do?
  6. ccleaner have worked bad. i have segnalate this problem. i not understand this part. i have tried the exclude retore point , ibernate and arrest vss now i not have the restore events next have used ccleaner :S . when i used ccleaner, i have always problem. not was better delete temp files this my browser? i can do scan in other mode? my pc it's too slow.
  7. why i have lost all point of restore ? i have used the default setup . i want restore. how i can it? i have another problem: 1 program not have all functions. the program it is nero photosnap viewer. i hope restore.. thank you for disponibily
  8. I have I suspect that my disc super is defragmented, but defraggler says always 0% to me like fragmentation. how I can increase them? as I can analyze all. moreover, when I make defragmentation free space, it is blocked to me to a sure percentage. it never does not arrive to 100%.
  9. why i have too many file with write "range cluser invalid" ?
  10. i have 1 file can't recover. http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/806/immagineral.png
  11. i wait new version. i see i have an another bugs: the file of mail. i see i'm not alone to have this problem. make a good work , bye
  12. i have checked now only Advanced Mode , but i have always the same results: too ignored. http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/5250/immagineet.png
  13. i have used the avancede mode and chack all. i have only not checked save ini
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