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  1. Something has changed. For the past week I have been getting a list of some 50 to 100 Mb of Norton files listed in the Windows\Temp or Documents and Settings\temp directories. For example:- ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (0.583 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 49.2MB to be removed. (Approximate size) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet) ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hi, Just to say that I have never had any trouble installing CCleaner... However I read somewhere that xSoft Spy is itself a spyware program... I would try using the free download from "Spybot S&D" to double check for spyware, though would think that Symantec should detect any infection quite effectively.
  3. I presume that the system font affects everything on the computer, not just "My Documents"... Also, I had backup on another CD which copied back to the computer ok:) So I think fonts have nothing to do with it and "secure delete" has overwritten my data files.
  4. I posted on this forum in March but only got some facetious answer I hope you will take this post really seriously, because it is... I was copying my files to a CD but the total size was larger than the disk could take so I deleted the "temporary files waitng to be copied" ... Then I used CCleaner in secure delete mode and emptied the recycle bin... (It took a long time for overwriting 900Mb of data, but supposed they were temporary file copies in the recycle bin).... The next thing I find is that ALL MY FILES in the "My Documents" folder have been filled with zeros etc... It could be miss
  5. I expected CCleaner to delete files in the recycle bin. I did not expect my active files to be overwritten with zeros... After windows copied the files to the CD it left some (supposedly) temporary files in the recycle bin. These are in an "applications" folder suffixed with "...\CD burning". But why deleting these affected my ordinary files, I do not know. Try it for yourself!
  6. I have a Sony Vaio BGN-S5M/s laptop and XP SP2. It uses a Roxio program for writing to CD's. CCleaner is set to secure delete. I copy/pasted a folder called "Archive"containing 698Mb of my data files of all kinds to a blank CD. The files copied across ok and the wizard closed. I noted that in the recycle bin there where 700Mb of old files in an application directory suffixed ".../CD burning", so I ran CCLeaner to secure delete them. A few days later I looked in the archive folder on my computer and found that ALL files had been overwritten by blank data. I copied the files back fr
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