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  1. 100 % stupid. Microsoft can't secure it's own OS in EU, because AV-companies will loose money??? AV-companies exist only because Microsoft created an insecure OS. Now if they want make it better they can't. That's illigal. And what about IE7, and Windows Media Player. My mother will never understand how to use alternatives. They just make it more difficult for the avarage user. If EU wins this case, no one is going to buy Windows Vista, 'cos it will then only be Windows XP with new icons. I agree that Microsoft should make IE7, WMP and other stuff completelly unistallable, but not if it hits the end user. EU is just bored. No one is buying Windows N because, why should they? Microsoft has just wasted money. If EU want to make something good, they aks MS for adding one of those things in Add or Remove Programs that could be called "install additional Windows components. Thats all what I need.
  2. After reading the Poul Thurrott-article (http://www.windowsitpro.com/windowspaulthurrott/Article/ArticleID/49836/windowspaulthurrott_49836.html) I was shocked WTF?? From the article: Microsoft will not be allowed to sell Windows Vista in Europe if it comes bundled with certain features EU specifically mentioned Internet search features, Internet Explorer 7, digital rights management technologies, and Microsoft's new Metro feature, which will compete with Adobe PDF What is all that! EU will remove everything from Windows Vista! Then what is left? They are shooting them selves in the foot, because I don't think Microsoft will just look by. What are you thinking?
  3. I know... But back then, I didn't want to buy a new motherboard. The replace was too technical for me. What about this product, is it okay. Or should I look for something better... Maybe lower DB? ZALMAN CNPS 7700-AlCu Socket 478 / Socket 754 / Socket 775 / Socket 939 / Socket 940 / 1000-2000 rpm / Aluminium og kobber 120 mm 3 pin 0.21 ?C/W 20 DB 13.6 Cm x 13.6 Cm x 6.7 Cm (BxDxH) / 600 G Sorry for all these stupid questions
  4. Why would you do that? There is no reason at all to shutdown Windows, right after a user logs on The only two reasons I can see, is either to irritate the user, or to create malicious software Do you have a valid reason?
  5. Thanks for the help, Glenn You've saved my day... And my ears
  6. Well, that means one thing - CCleaner should not be programmet in VB.Net However I agree, that the ListBox should be fixed I often clean others computers, and it is a pain in the #?@ to clean 300+ threads on a slow computer Hope it will be fixed soon
  7. Now talking programming language... What about VB.NET I am programming in it and it seems very easy. Visual Studio does help. Would CCleaner be better if it was written in .Net. I see one (big) problem - you have to download the Framework runtime But generally, isn't it better?
  8. Thank you very much for the help But I am a little stupid... So should I say, that my next cooler should be around 15 dBa? Or is it too loud, when you are sitting next to your computer? And about that pasta, does it come with a new cooler or should you buy it side by side?
  9. First and foremost - as usual - a big thanks for this great program. It should come preinstalled with Windows. And now to the topic... I have been reading in the forum for a while, and seen many people get helped. I've learned also quite a lot about computer and applications. So many thanks to the people for providing this forum. Now a have a problem, and a really hope, that someone can help me. Please... My CPU cooler is driving me crazy. It is almost like sitting next to a taking off plane (almost ) I've been looking on the Internet, and that just made me more confused. What is the difference between DBA and DB? How much should it be? What about the cooling pasta? I really hope someone can help me... What should I buy? I'm using a Intel Pentium 4 HT 3,2 GHz with the "standard" (box) cooler on socket 478B Sorry for my bad English
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