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  1. cheral


    Thanks so much for the response. I'll check out that link right away.
  2. cheral


    Yes, I have no PayPal. So, can I donate via money order and ground mail? If so, what is the address? Your products are super; I've used CCleaner for years; I'm just starting to use Defraggler -- and I'll succumb to guilt if I can't make a donation. Thanks for your response.
  3. Okey-Dokey. I'll be talking to you all again sometime.
  4. OK, I'm giving this a try. I used the green circled reply, to reply to you. The part that has been hanging me up is what to do after I've finished my post. Down near bottom of page, I have two choices: Add Reply and Preview Post. It's at this point that something has gone wrong. But here comes another try, and thanks so much for your patience! And this time I'm using the reply near bottom, circled in red, to (hopefully) say "Good Morning," and "Thanks to everyone." I do absolutely love forums, by the way. I learned, early on, that calling tech support was rather an exercise in futility. I couldn't understand them; they couldn't understand me; and what I could understand boiled down to this: If I'd already done everything I knew to do, in an effort to save them some time, they wanted me to do it all over again. Ugh. When I contact a forum, I get responses faster than if I were on hold to tech support; I can understand what's being told to me; and no one suggests I redo what I've already done, ad infinitum. And you're all volunteers! The best of everything to all of you -- and I hope I get it right this time! P.S. I did a screen capture of the image added by krit86lr, so now I have reference material!
  5. Thanks again to everyone, and I'm sorry again that I can't respond in the proper manner. Somehow, the only way I can post is to start a new topic. But I won't keep doing this. I promise. After further e-discussion with my friend, we figured out what was going on. After that, she ran CCleaner and said it worked "like a charm." Not surprising, of course. It's a wonderful program.
  6. Hello to everyone. I've used CCleaner for at least two years now, and it's a wonderful program. A special thanks to the genius(s) who created it! I have a friend whom I visit by email, and, from comments she's made, I suspect that her computer is bogged down with excess garbage. I recommended CCleaner to her; she downloaded and installed the most recent version; and says that right after she clicks the "Analyze" button, she gets this message: "Details of files to be cleaned." Then, nothing more happens. I've never heard of such a thing with CCleaner. My friend has an HP/Compaq computer, running Windows XP, and I know little more than that. Sorry. I don't know if anyone can give me a clue -- or, if not, I'll recommend this forum to my friend, as she can tell you more about her computer. Thanks a million!
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