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  1. Alan, I downloaded LastPass and it works beautifully.....i now have all my banking information at my fingertips.... and i do not need to worry about my memory. GREAT.....Thanks....You get a gold star.
  2. thanks for this information. i did all just as you said, but am still getting the bank number wiped out each time. good grief, this is frustrating. if i cannot get this fixed, i will just have to memorize 13 numbers and enter them each time. arrrrggggg!!!!! scott
  3. hi there, i really am delighted with ccleaner, however, one issue i have is i do not know how to keep my bank account number on the bank website. therefore, each time, i have to enter 10 numbers and then my password to get into my online bank statement. isn't there a way to be sure this information is kept? i seem to remember ccleaner was ignoring this information for a while, but now it started wiping it all clean when i run the cclean site. thanks for any help you can give.....i know you must have answered this question from other folks many times, however, i cannot find the answer easily. cheers, scott
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