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  1. okay, i did that. %TEMP% echoed back as "%TEMP%" %USERPROFILE% echoed back as "C:\documents and settings\dan" which is the folder that had my internet favorites, start menu contents, mydocuments, etc. - everything that was deleted. I am confident that CCleaner targeted that folder (It's one hierarchy level above the actual mydocuments folder). I looked in the mycomputer settings to change the variable values... and didn't see either TEMP or TMP anywhere in the list. I had no variables in the personal variables (upper list) and about 12 in the system variables (lower list). I adde
  2. okay, getting somewhere? I downloaded and ran DAF and got this scary error: "%TEMP% variable is set to: " DAF didnt indicate that TEMP was set to anything. It's blank. I assume that is not good. DAF aborted after giving me the bad news. I'm going to contact Mr. Lizard and ask what to do now, and I'll be checking this post for all advice. I feel like we are figuring this out at least. This is a very, very bad oversight/design in CCleaner.
  3. no luck yet... if my "mydocuments" folder is just set to the wrong path or something, how do i fix that? in other words, if theh files are still present but just not appearing (or coming up in searches)?
  4. i am hoping that too. I'll try the explorer thing... and i did select backups when prompted (although i only remember it for the registry fix...) where are the backup files put? probably mydocuments... which would make for a nice laugh
  5. I installed and ran the cleaner. I pressed analyze, then Fix. I did both the registry and the issues menus. files deleted: all desktop files quickbar shortcuts ALL CONTENTS OF MY DOCUMENTS FOLDER nothing else that i have noticed yet I did not change any default settings (no custom folders, etc.) I would like help understanding why this happened and how I can get files back. I'm running a recovery program, but don't want to pay $70 (if it even finds things). I'm running Windows XP. CrappyCleaner version 1.26.218. Thanks in advance... (edit) also, I scanned
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