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  1. Update to Vuze More* rules: Adding Dasu plugin data for reports, or should it go under its own rule?
    The data generated by Dasu amounts to: 23Mb Data | 56Mb Disk in 13k files across 5 days of usage. This is somewhat excessive IMO, but clearing the data resets the report generation functionality of the plugin, the aggregated data about ISP interference (.torrent file and port blocking), Your BT usage, and Your DNS server(s) performance. I suppose if you're aware of winapp clearing it, you'll review it beforehand. The data will be regenerated by the plugin with your BT usage.
    [Vuze More*]



    Warning=This will delete data from Advanced Statistics, Progressbar, and Dasu plugins. You should review the Dasu plugin reports before deleting it.

  2. I'm fiddling with winapp2:


    Are these 5 lines bugs?

    DetectFile=ProgramFiles%\CFE Exam Prep Course
    FileKey1=%CommonAppData\1click dvd copy pro|*.log
    FileKey2=%Documents\Tencent Files|*.*|RECURSE
    FileKey1=%CommonAppData\Trend Micro|*.log
  3. The "Chrome Installer*" entry interferes with the program's capability to automatically update, then that entry isn't removing a junk file, even if it is 100+ megabytes.

    It seems to break the program's capability of making a major version update, but not a minor version update.


    "Dell Installtion Files*" entry needs spell checking.


    Keep up the excellent work.

  4. DogFart, how is a 0 Byte file dangerous?

    How is an empty folder dangerous?

    Any program that has a problem because of the lack of presence of an EMPTY folder or an EMPTY file is really the programmer's fault. If it really needs to be there for some unknown reason, the program should simply recreate it.


    On topic here.

    Is targeting spybot Search and Destroy's Statistics.ini such a good Idea? One might consider it pointless... Another might consider the statistical tracking of results from SSD useful...


    Then one might consider the better use of CCleaner to target the .zip, .exe, and .dll (And possibly .msi?) files that would be in Spybot's updates folder. These files are typically deployed the moment the download/update session is complete and are no longer needed. Leave the .ini files in there though, as those track the updates downloaded.


    Not sure if CCleaner targets the .old file in AAW's folder, it should.

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