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  1. On 3/19/06, I downloaded 1.26.218 as a new user of CCleaner. On 3/25/06 I updated to 1.28.277. I have done Cleaner and Fix issues. Then when I clicked on OE, all message bodys are blank white pages, (all that shows is: From, Date, To, Subject, Attachment), with a blank white page for the body. When I attempted to open IE, all I get is the toolbar on the top, with the list of my favorites along the left border and the body was a white blank page, same as the body of the messages in OE. So, IE and OE were not working, making my computer virtually worthless. I had to use Dell's
  2. Could you answer to a layman, (me), what related MSOE are with related DLL registrations in DAF, and what the advantage of using DAF light would be? In addition, if I do just a clean files and not the registry cleaner would I be less likely to encounter missing O.E. messages? Thanks for your time, S. (audionut22)
  3. The below post is my original post from 3/25/06, and I thought I had it resolved. Initially after upgrading to 1.28.277 the problem seemed to be fixed, however it is not. After I clean and scan for issues then go to O.E. nothing is in the message body of any emails. In every email, the only thing that is shown is in the lines; From, Date, To, Subject, Attachment. The message body of every email is blank. In O.E. the saved email message body disappears but does come back upon the restart of my computer. I get this sinking feeling looking at all my O.E. emails with no messages, lucki
  4. I just downloaded the update 1.28.277, then cleaned windows/applications and scanned for issues. I then opened O.E. and all my messages were intact, they did not disappear. Therefore I did not have to restart my computer to get my messages back. Having just downloaded CCleaner for the first time on3/19/06, I hope this upgrade fixed the problem. I initially did a search for problems with O.E. with CCleaner and found no previous posts. Has this been a problem for anyone else? Thanks for your time!
  5. I always close all other programs when doing any kind of virus scan, spyware scan, etc. By the way I forgot to include my O.S. etc. MS Win XP sp2 Using Administrator accout Just recently installed CCleaner 1.26.218 on 3/19/06 Downloaded from download.com I have not tried running CCleaner in Safe mode, (what is the advantage?).
  6. There seems to be a bug in the works. I "analize/clean the windows/applications", and then "scan for issues/fix selected issues". Then when I go to Outlook Express, nothing is in the message body of any emails, including; inbox, sent items, deleted items, etc, etc. In every email, the only thing that is shown is in the lines; From, Date, To, Subject, Attachment. The message body of every email is blank. This was very frustrating to lose all my messages. However, I have found if I restart the computer all the messages come back. Can anyone help with this odd problem. I los
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