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  1. The AVG bug hasn't been fixed in 3.04.1408 -so I'm still using 1366. Any chance it will be fixed in the next update?
  2. AVG 10.0.1204 Thanks for the info Acey United , but I'm not comfortable with changing .ini files - hopefully CC will issue an update. meanwhile I'll stick to the older version.
  3. We aren't the only ones - I had a ffreind (on XP Pro) check, and she got the same result. Notice this has been moved to the 'Bug report' subforum, so hopefully it means that it may be fixed in the next update.
  4. As no-one has replied, I've reverted to version 1366
  5. Hello I've been using CCleaner for years, but never had a reason to come here before - it's such a good, simple to understand program However, I've just updated to 1389, and run an analysis, as always when I update, to find that it no longer lists any AVG files for deletion . As AVG is usually the biggest of the items CC cleans for me at shutdown, I hope it will remove what the previous versions did.
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