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  1. Yep. That's what I mean Tony. I was going to delete some suspecious startup entries but there was no way to back up the registry in case I want it back.
  2. Hi. I've been using CCleaner for years. It's great! There are some missing options I'd like: When you do a registry cleanup and look through the startup section they modify the registry. What I'd like to have are buttons at the bottom to backup so I can backup if desired and then click the cleanup buttons to clean it up. Yes I know you get a message when doing a regsitry cleanup but I'd rather have it as a button so I can when needed, click it to backup those affected keys in the registry. RegSeeker (other registry cleaner I use in conjunction with CCleaner) does this as a pre-ca
  3. I've signed up because of this extremely useful tool. Been using it for a long time now. I've got suggestions for ya: - Make it auto-update without user involvement - After analysising my disk for any files to be deleted. I'd like the list of files to deleted to be seperated from their size, perhaps like in Windows Explorer so we can easily see the sizes of files. That's all
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