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  1. I dont mind this I actually like it...when I run the cleaner it says nothing about open browsers...then it cleans the crap Other cleaners shut your browser down...when I was half way reading what happend to Ridge and Brooke Dont change any thing in c/cleaner it rocks....I love it
  2. I agree...if it was infected .....people on this forum would find it......it.would be moronic.. Cheers rridgely
  3. Why would some one place *.ware in there apps as they know they will be busted by this forum? Is it a comp to outwit each other ? Im not sure what to use now with all the paranoids....Ill still use crap as long as its safe
  4. CCleaner is safe man read the forums and if you get stuck there is a lot of guru's here to help you out cheers
  5. Lost1

    Removing Sp2

    Try this read the about first if you dun understand http://xp-antispy.org/index.php?option=com...=sellang&iso=en Cheers
  6. How come Opera is so small in file size? Im not sure But I admit its a great browser
  7. wish I had all that kewl stuff noscipt and adblock plus extensions? Explain please?
  8. RE QUOTE(Oichi @ Apr 1 2006, 04:44 AM) "Open your wallet or STFU. You people make me sick with your god given right to toolbar free software " Looks Like God has given us right's to Toolbar free software Well it is freeware software full stop!!.And you sound like a greedy Marketeer who has his own interest at heart..you seen the d/load numbers and are Zooming in. .My Point was I would rather pay for it than have a tool bar installed!!! Its up to the DEV if he wants to charge or not.....If they want to use advertisng Via toolbars to make some $ and its a cleaning program...pointless aint it? CCleaner is a great program I guess they should just charge for it I would just pay...The Dev Direct.. .I dont know im just ramblin on
  9. I would pay if it had no tool bar But it will be Ironic if its supposed to clean what it will most likely install
  10. Cool thanks Andavari ....can I ask a quick question..Ccleaner never asks you to close all browers nor does it close them any way...I like this feature was this done on purpose or as a request?..It reminds me when you do a windows update or an install and it reboots your puter without much warning and you were in the middle of somthing else...but is there a down side to this? like if you clean but have your puter on 24/7 and never reboot? well reboot but not often...I am not up to date about memory cleaning..and proccesors running in memory ..Does it actualy clean every thing or do I/Any one reading have to do a reboot to get the final results I cant see how it can be done otherwise If you do have to reboot any way I like it that it gives you the option to keep doing your thing until your ready Cheers
  11. Ok sorry I dont mean to flame .. had my opinion on virus scanners and was attacked so I reteliated its obvious that I was wrong and was shot down in flames and you guys know your stuff so I should not of argued and posted that It does work for me but I should not recomend it as you all pointed out So any way cheers
  12. Lost1

    Ticking me Off!

    I hope this thread doesnt go to hell either...I had few to many wines but no excuse.....cheers...Corvettes Rule
  13. Lost1

    Ticking me Off!

    Thankyou Andavari and krit86lr for the nice welcome Cheers
  14. Lost1

    Ticking me Off!

    Rebooting will fix a lot of stalled processors ( sorry for my Spelling Im not to good at english) and on the reboot will start them up... ..regarding worms and virus...No!!! My Orignal post was because this site was running Like crap..... Now its running good Cheers
  15. Lost1

    Ticking me Off!

    Im a sys admin I do it all the time cheers
  16. Lost1

    Ticking me Off!

    Why doesnt some one reboot the server rebooting fixes every thing Cheers
  17. Thanks for your help ...My Original post was for deletin hotfix installers..I got all the info to explain this to me thnx:) thnx Andavari got it sorted I love the cc program ...you guys rock......
  18. hahaha Well in theory any way!!! cheers
  19. Thanks lokoike Quick response to Downloading new version now ....I did have the 1.27.260 version but I had no trouble with it but new is better cheers
  20. I checked the Hotfix Uninstallers and was amazed at the space it restored but then read your warning Pc still running ok so I guess no harm was done....I did it on about 4 other puters all were fine but one bluescreen (and I am not sure if ccleaner caused the blue screen on this pc) So I rebooted that pc and done it again ....no problem Why after the hotfix is installed is this (what is being cleaned) remaining on the system any way? I have no idea but there must be a reason hence your warning? I always thought it was like any patch or program once its installed you can delete the installer? I really dont know .....is it something to do with system restore or last known good config? Sorry if this has been answered allready thanks for any info Cheers
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