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  1. It would be really useful to add save, resume, and load functions for deep scan results. Reasoning: Deep scanning a multi gigabyte harddisk takes a long time, and it would be useful if deep scanning could essentially be paused so you could reboot the computer (usecase: recovering from a 2nd hdd and installing windows updates / some other software on the main hdd). Save / Load: Because the deep scan takes so long, it is a real pain in the bum if, like me you inadvertently missed two files (email address book) and then need to wait for a complete new scan to take place before you can get the files you missed. Obviously, it would only be sensible to use this function VERY soon after you took the copy, but, what you (developers) could do, is show the user the saved copy of the deep scan, then, when they choose to recover some of the files listed in it, rescan the sections of the hdd containing those files to confirm that file can still be recovered. I understand that choosing where to save the report would be critical, but, why not leave that up to the user? Give them a button on the report screen like "save", and on before the save dialog comes up, give then an information dialog explaining what they must be aware of (i.e. writing the report file over the files they want to recover - should be obvious, but to a beginner...). Otherwise, a top class applicaiton.
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