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  1. Hi Andavari, I agree that OA's firewall component is very easy to use. Your leaktesting results imply that it did not pass all of the ones that you had tested it against. Could you please share with us which tests OA firewall did not pass? Perhaps I am misinterpreting what you are saying. thankyou
  2. Tarun, I'm not sure what you mean by tainted. All I know is how well CC does its' job at this very moment and how well it did its' job before these forums existed. Don't get me wrong when I say that CC is not tainted. What I mean is that CC is not tainted in any way what-so-ever. I understand that you are not pleased with recent decisions. Choice is all users' responsibility. What I would like to convey to you and believe you will agree with is that CC is and has always been a very respectable product. To me tainted means that it is somehow flawed... That is definitely not the case. CrapCleaner is a very good product and has always been. Please point out where the adware, spyware, etc, is and how any user can find such things . I can't find any! I would like to see proof. There are people that devote their time and resources to inform others of such unscrupulous products. Please include your findings so that CC users can be alerted. We will all benefit if you or anyone else will divulge such findings. I say that the CrapCleaner is excellent and If you, Tarun, can show us all how CC is "tainted" with one example of spyware or any other ware; please show us. It will benefit us all. And yes I did register just to respond to this nonsense. Peace. munckman
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