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    Links down?

    Wow, that was quick. Thanks!
  2. cww

    Links down?

    Are the links to 'other builds' down? http://www.ccleaner.com/download/downloadpage.aspx?f=3 http://www.ccleaner.com/download/downloadpage.aspx?f=2
  3. Nice one Thanks, mps69_1999, and thanks MrG (imagine a bigthumbup smiley here)
  4. Oh, that's 100% true - and no prizes for guessing which AV they were using
  5. Raw nerve time: twice I've had mine in for hardware probs and it's come back with added programs. First time it was Norton Professional, second time it included McAfee (among other stuff). OK, first time it didn't have an AV prog on but's only because I was going to install AVG when it came back. I ended up using Norton for a while, only when their 'customer service' failed me (again) that I removed it. This time (few weeks ago) I had a damn good AV prog on there when it went in! Spoke to the guy on the phone and he said, "I'm going to put McAfee on for you" - I don't think we needed to be connected by phone, I'm sure he would've heard me anyway... "NOooooooooooooo!" Of course, it came back with bits of McAfee littering it up, guess he'd already done it and then tried to uninstall it. I can't figure out if they make money from it (they usually install 'free' copies) or if they think they're doing you a favour. Just makes me wonder how knowledgable they really are, installing Norton / McAfee. Jeez, if they want to 'give' me something free, install AVG. "How can you search for something you don't know exists?" Absolutely true. I think there's quite a lot of people un-aware of the dangers and sometimes when I try to inform friends it's like I've just stepped off planet paranoid. Maybe part of the problem is that malware is often referred to in the media as 'viruses' so people think, "oh, I've got an AV so I'm OK". ? Jeez, I had one friend who kept getting pop-up warnings from their AV program - so they got a pop-up blocker! Of course, they'd never up-dated it since they got it anyway. Oh my, end of rant.
  6. Sonsie: here it's not the airports we have to bother about so much (need your passport or some form of ID for internal flights) - it's the seas. Seems that everyday there's reports of illegal immigants being intercepted - often because the smuggler's rickety old boat is in distress. Sooo much coastline. "So you're a feminist...ain't that cute" - guess some folk can't see the irony(?) in it? And just so you aren't toooo envious: today is Independence Day here - and it's just like a typical British bank-holiday weekend... cold and wet! Ah well, summer's coming Andavari: couple of years ago we met an Australian-Greek racing driving out here, can't recall his name. Not sure if he was ex-F1 or not but he was well in to it. He'd been pretty badly smashed up in a racing crash. Still able to get around but he's never going to race again, for sure. I didn't like to ask about the gory details.
  7. Yup. Apart from a couple of fairly little-known exceptions (which are basically good but perhaps a bit lacking at present), all the 'main' anti-virus and firewalls apps are pretty competent and using a 'simple' one you can understand is quite possibly safer than using a super-duper (but complicated) one you can't understand - and we all had to start off somewhere, sometime. A hardware firewall might be worth considering. Last time I checked it out, GoBack was about the best - but that was a while ago. I've forgotten what else was available, but I'm sure there are alternatives. Got a feeling there might be a half decent freebie alternative, but not sure. Still trying to imagine tiny imploded prunes trying to type
  8. Me too. It's like in the movies, when the FBI are tracking someone and they can tell almost instantly when their credit card has been used. Still, if it does help to combat terrorism... (as well as being more secure than other methods of securing one's ID) BTW, I like your sigs, sonsie!
  9. Gunner! Geia sas! Ti kanete, kala; I'm on Kef
  10. lol, I was wondering about those 4 HDs! Had to replace mine about six months ago - guy in the shop eventually reckoned that was the problem, replaced it, then gave my old one back to me and said it might be alright! Last week I had the mobo and cpu replaced - still not really sure anyone's got it figured out (least of all me). Yeah, I used to use Norton. Didn't really have a beef with the program, but I also found their customer support sucks. So I found a 'better' program (much, IMO) and better support!
  11. Report here which reckons supermarket trolley handles have more bacteria per 10 sq cm than public toilet doorknobs ? so maybe burtman?s right to be concerned on that score! In Oxford, UK, the Co-op store is launching a system whereby customers can pay with their fingerprints rather than a cash card ? Guardian Anyone read that book by Dan Brown where the bad guy hacks someone?s eye out in order to pass thru a scanner? Of course, presenting a severed hand at the local supermarket checkout could be a bit of a giveaway.
  12. "Anyone using Norton AV?" Yes, loads of people. Although it's often only until they learn they can get something about as good for free, or better for less. No disrespect intended to anyone, just seems to be the case. Edit: "better" is, of course, subjective...
  13. OK, I think there was another app by the same name which wasn't too good - hence the "is it the pctools app" question. Although I think even the pctools app was a bit dodgy at one time. Pretty essential to use up-to-date anti-malware apps - new malware is released regularly and some apps, e.g. NOD32 anti-virus and ewido anti-trojan, often release updates several times a day. If you're using an out-of-date anti-spyware app you might want to consider Windows Defender (beta 2) instead. I'm hesitant in suggesting a beta but it's probably the best of the freebies - tests I've read show it ahead of Ad-Aware and Spybot. Mentioning no names, some of the free trial versions of commercial anti-spyware products aren't all they could be and seem to contain false-positives, which may make people think their pc is infected when it isn't. The excuse I've heard is that the companies concentrate on their paying customers (fair enough), but it may goad people in to buying a product when they don't actually have a problem. The pctools product has recently received some good reviews but SpySweeper has been around longer. Although I wasn't particularly impressed with the free trial version of SpySweeper the full product seems very sound. As does CounterSpy. So far as I'm aware, the free version of ewido is pretty much the same as the commercial version, with a few minor exceptions, e.g. no automatic updates and, possibly, no real-time scanner. Still very good tho.
  14. Quick thought - we are talking about the most recent version of the pctools product here, aren't we? If it's (seriously) glitched, I would worry.
  15. I've heard hardware firewalls are about foolproof but I've never got a round tuit. I take it that, once you've got it, that's it? Or do you have to update them (sorry if that's a dumb question). Just I was thinking - if you buy a firewall, not only is there the initial outlay, there's also the yearly subscriptions. Of course, being foolproof is one thing - I'd need it to be idiot proof as well
  16. Ah, there's two versions of WinPatrol, a free version and an enhanced commercial version. I'm not sure WinPatrol is an essential item, but it's useful and seems to work without problem. SpywareBlaster, as krit86lr said, isn't a scanner which detects and deletes spyware on your pc, it's designed to stop it getting on there in the first place. Great idea and seems to be pretty effective. Don't throw away your anti-spyware apps though! I found Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware to be a bit buggy so, as you've got SpyDoctor and Ad-Aware, I personally wouldn't bother with Windows Defender, unless you want to drop SpyDoctor and use a freebie instead. However, while most freebies are just about at good as the commercial products, anti-spyware apps are one area where I think it's worth paying for one (and using a freebie as well). But that's a personal opinion. It's possible to make IE far more secure by adding Enough-is-Enough from Eric L Howes - but it makes IE a bit of a pain to use. Like krit86lr said, get Firefox (or Opera) - both free. As for firewalls, Outpost Pro is very effective - but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone who isn't fairly well aquainted with firewalls. It does work 'out of the box' but there are lots of options - great for those who know what they are doing, maybe confusing to mere mortals (such as me). Outpost free I don' think is so good, probably nowhere near as good as ZoneAlarm free. Just, there's something I like about ZoneAlarm - can't really put my finger on it. The Sunbelt-Kerio firewall possibly isn't quite as effective as ZA but it's good and, by all accounts, easy to use. CounterSpy is also pretty good - started life as a licensed version of Giant, which MS bought out and re-named Windows AntiSpyware (now Defender), at that point Sunbelt went their own way with it. Gets good reviews. All JMO Going to check out DSOStop2 - like the sound of that!
  17. Asking which is 'the best' product may be a bit contentious - I suspect different folk may chip in with their opinion as to what is best, although it's probably a bit like asking "how long is a piece of string?" The products you're using are all recognised as competent in their field. Although I wouldn't choose McAfee, it's pretty sound - but then most anti-virus programs are. So I think you'll probably be quite OK with a freebie such as AVG (altho un-installing McAfee might be a b*tch). Um, take it the McAfee Security Centre includes a firewall? If not, try Sunbelt-Kerio or ZoneAlarm freebies (only have one actually running). There's a few other reputable products you could use, such as SpywareBlaster, ewido (free or commercial), WinPatrol, a HOSTS file, etc. Bearing in mind that you are already using competent products, do you visit the darker side of the web? I'm not knocking what you do/where you go, just curious why you're having probs when you're using pretty decent stuff already.
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