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    Microsoft Word Help

    Yay. It worked. That icon wasn't even in the toolbar...so I don't know what I pressed to select it. Anyway, thanks man!
  2. Word Word2 I don't know what I did, but that's how my documents look like. If I press enter, I get that P symbol and when I press spacebar I get those dots. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Word, but I still get the same thing. I honestly don't know what I pressed. I was trying to see if I could reset the configurations in Word, but I failed. I would like this fixed, but if no one knows what to do, I guess I'll just get OpenOffice. Thanks.
  3. ...I uninstalled it again and the problem with their msn name is fixed *shrugs* Weird, don't know how, don't care really. Anyway, thanks fireryone.
  4. Ok...I did that (except for downloading the beta), but it's still the same. Like when I reinstalled and opened it, my display picture was still there. Clean install would mean that I'd get that MSN head, instead of my picture, right? The thing is...let's say someone is online and their msn name is "Jenny - You suck" and she signs off. Then I sign off and sign back in, and when I look at my offline contacts and look at her name it'll say "Jenny - Merry Christmas" (a msn name that she had a couple of months ago). If the same happens on my PC (problem is with my laptop), the msn name stays the same and also when I click on the MSN head beside her, the picture she had will appear. Get it? (confusing...) It's just annoying. That's all. (only good thing is that i know if people came online since their msn name will change to something different)
  5. I've uninstalled it, yet the problems that I have keep coming up -- not really problems, just that MSN doesn't keep people's display names when they sign-out (it goes back to their display name that they had a couple of months ago) or it changes my display picture when I disconnect (which is frequent -- wireless). Anyway, like I said I've uninstalled it, but it still keeps my settings (like display picture and everything). I want a clean wipe and then a fresh install -- anyone know how? Thanks.
  6. Oh, ok. Thanks for the quick responses, rridgely!
  7. Honestly never thought to see how ZA was configured since this has never happened to me before. I turned on ZA, and my browser didn't work, and I got disconnected from mIRC. But I changed the Internet Zone Security to MEDIUM (it was on HIGH), and everything is fine now, but is the setting good? I am behind a router, so I'm not too worried about being "attacked", but i just never fiddled with ZA's configuration before. (What Firewall disconnects you from the internet? I guess that's one way of "protecting" you.)
  8. Hey, Every time I use Zone Alarm my internet just doesn't work -- turn it off, and every thing is fine. So, with that said, I am looking for a new firewall. Right now I'm just using the one with Windows. I was just wondering if I could get some opinions on the other firewalls recommended in the sticky Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall Comodo Personal Firewall Jetico Personal Firewall Basically, which one uses less resources, yet does the job (I'm guessing they all do, or else why would they be recommended?) Thanks.
  9. So, I have Restored my computer to the first week of January (every thing was fine then), and I have reinstalled Zone Alarm (thought maybe it was the problem), but still nothing. Also, for the whole memory leak thing, before I left for school this morning I restarted my computer, and just left my computer running with only Zone Alarm and AVG Anti-Virus running. But still when I came home, nothing popped up in I.E. So, I'm out of ideas. Does anyone know what I could do? Again, restarting my computer every time to use the internet is annoying. Thanks.
  10. Hmmm...I'll keep an eye on that. But for now it's high right now (PF Usuage: 380mb) since I have like I.E. open with PowerPoint open inside of that (online notes). Anyways...I've also used System Restore to restore my computer back to the first week of Januaray. Let's see if that works. And I'll still see if a program uses a lot of memory. *shrugs* I.E.: 33 K explorer.exe: 22 K vsmon.exe: 18 K I.E.: 16 K Seems OK for now. We'll see... Thanks.
  11. If I let my computer idle for a couple of hours (over night, or sometimes for a couple of minutes), nothing happens when I open I.E. -- literally. Usually the page is just white, or sometimes it says, "Finding site: sympatico.msn.ca", or "Cannot Find Server". This has never happened to me before. This just started to happen this past week. It's very annoying. I've tried "ipconfig /renew", and unplugging myself from the internet and reconnecting, but still nothing. Restarting my computer works, and so does logging off/on. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks!
  12. Every time I try to enable the Wireless Network Connection it says, "Connection Failied!" Also, when I try to disable the Local Area Connection it says, ""It is not possible to disable the connection at this time. This connection may be using one or more protocols that do not support Plug-and-Play, or it may have been initiated by another user or the system account." (i have no clue what that means...) I don't know if this is relevant but I did the whole Network Setup Wizard so me and my roommates could transfer files to each other (don't know if that's the reason, but thought that was worth noting). Also, I am no longer at the place with my roommates, as I am home and trying to enable wireless so I can have wireless access in my house. So yeah...does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks =) EDIT: I got it working. (only if I could delete this thread)
  13. JohnDemolition: Oppps...I thought you were the author. My mistake.
  14. JohnDemolition: You say that you'll resize it if people ask...so can you please resize one to 1280x800. (and you did that on Photoshop by yourself I'm guessing? Oh, I envy you people) Thanks man! mps69_1999: That looks sick man!
  15. JohnDemolition: Nice wallpaper! Where'd you get it? Because...I want! =) --- Peace to your nation!
  16. Well, I'm going with: EZ anti-virus, and Zone Alarm (v5.5.0.94) Hopefully this will use less ram than McAfee Security Suite. Thanks a lot, guys.
  17. Andavari: Got the EZ anti-virus, but why not anything after v5.5.0.94 for Zone Alarm?
  18. Yeah...I didn't see the Windows Security area, ooppps. Maybe I should've posted there...or atleast looked there before posting. Thanks though.
  19. Right now I'm using McAfee Security Centre, and it's good and all, but I think it takes up too much resources. So, is there a better firewall and anti-virus program out there that I can use which will not take as much resources? Thanks. (If there's another topic about this, I'm sorry. Didn't really want to dig...)
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