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  1. Good job MrG, the one that made a proggy more useful than 20 other cleaners together what you have to pay for.
  2. I posted the instructions to get there instead, so people know it's location in the future. In addition to my post, you could add a winapp2.ini downloader button (if winapp2.ini is present, then it becomes an 'updater' button). This, with a caution message in the description of course. We should have ONE CCleaner build only, which is the slim version, but has an extra tab with those downloadable tools (Language Pack, Winapp2, Yahoo Toolbar). And also a donate button in that tab. Add a More Information link, which leads to a 'Download CCleaner Tools' page, where you can get more information for the tools, and a preview screenshot of the Toolbar (so instead of putting it INSIDE the program, it will be on the site). One build, no confused people, no complaints because of toolbar being installed with ccleaner (people that are not aware of the other builds, which are a lot), fastly downloadable, installabe, easily usable, fast proggy
  3. First of all, good job with the proggy MrG, it 0wnz all other cleaners. I was just thinking of some useful features for the current components in ccleaner. - Add the ability Enable/Disable startup item instead of deleting it - Ability to customize Prefetch cleaner (so you can change the default value of 60 days old prefetch data. I myself would want to set it to 15-20) - Ability to customize the default 'Windows Temp' value of 48 hours. - Add this SAME option to Temporary Internet files with a default of 12 hours (able to be customized). I run ccleaner every time I go do desktop, this means all pages need to reload, so I could just set it to delete temp internet files older than 2-3 hours, so it still does clean old temp internet files. - Same for cookies perhaps? - Everything I said in THIS topic. - Addition to that post^: Add a winapp2 downloader button (if winapp2 present, then 'updater' button). This, with a caution message of course. - When you use Run CCleaner from the Recycle bin, make it show a small window with the 'clean data', with an OK button. (Make it able to enable/disable this from options). Everyone is free to comment on my thoughts, I wanna see everyone's opinion on these stuff, these stuff should not make the filesize of ccleaner big, not slower either, but they are useful, and could make ccleaner even better
  4. To everyone that does not want the Yahoo! toolbar, you can just go to 'Other Builds' in the Download page. In there, you can choose to download Basic or Slim instead. I prefer the slim one, no toolbar, no additional languages. I am a new member here, but I've been browsing without an account, and I saw a nice idea. I just forgot where it was. But it said to include a NEW tab INSIDE CCleaner, that gives you the OPTION to download additional languages and/or toolbar. So this will basically be the SLIM version with an additional button. This way the CCleaner download itself WILL stay small, but will have a smal button inside itself, and when you click it, on the right there are direct links to Language Pack or Yahoo Toolbar download with information about what they are and stuff, perhaps also a small screenshot of Yahoo toolbar (SMALL, so ccleaner prog stays small also ). There should also be a third button where you can donate money through PayPal to MrG. This is my 2 cents, good job with this nice and small proggy MrG, I like it VERY much, I uninstalled all other cleaners as soon as I tried this one (long time ago), and this is STILL the one and only cleaner I use.
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