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  1. why has it been denied even if its only done per folder to clean an folder of surten filetypes what i tend to remove from those folders fals under the catagory CRAP JUNK or what ever its called if its because of someone perhaps deleting all *.dll files because they don't know what this feature is for i would say if they shouldn't use it Frisk
  2. i was wondering if you could include an option to add a filetype to personal under options like you add a folders or files to be deleted when you do a cleanup i have a game server and i always have to clean the server roots of log files and temp downloads the temp dll extention are ztmp and they clutter up every folder so please if it wouldn't take a huge amount time can you include it in the next version i think some other users of CCleaner will find it usefull but it would make a huge differents for me tnx in advance Frisk
  3. I would pay Money for Crap Cleaner Just to get rid of Yahoo Bar dont understand me wrong i love your software i use it alot and keep bragging about it to others i can see you spend many hours to get our pc's cleaner then ever but i dislike the fact that Yahoo bar is comming with it. in the install Normaly i download and install it right away. do a default install like i always do i know its an option but the first time i was wondering where i got it from to discover it came with ccleaner was really suprising Crap Cleaner has a 6 out of 6 on www.nonags.com but i
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