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  1. After a Norton Update a few weeks back I had "2" annoying problems with Microsoft updates. Here is an excerpt from Compass Rule Manager (Microsofts Help Desk). 1) "In the meantime, I would like to explain on March 1st, a new version of WGA (Windows Genuine Activation) engine was released, which will overwrite the previous files, and provide a more powerful function for system validation. If the new WGA engine could not be installed, it was most likely caused by one of the following factors: 1. A security program running in the background is preventing the validation tool from running properly. 2. The permission settings in this system are inappropriate. 3. The previous WGA engine is corrupted. I am sorry for the inconvenience that this issue has brought to you, please be assured I will try my best to work with you on this issue. Now, please let us take the following steps to troubleshoot this issue. NOTE: Some third party programs can affect the Windows Update service. If you are running any the third party applications such as Spyblocker, Internet or Web accelerators (Programs associated to boost up the Speed of the Internet connection), security or anti-virus programs (Norton, MacAfee, etc.) , I recommend we temporarily disable or shut them down and then try accessing the Windows Update site later. Please be sure to enable them again when completing the update process. Step 1: Reset permissions =================== This step will reset the permission settings on this system, which may take us some time, your patience is highly appreciated. 1. Please click the link below and download the tool. http://www.ecs-safe.com/Reset_subinacl.zip Please Note: The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability. 2. Save the attachment to your desktop. 3. Right click the Reset_subinacl.ZIP file and choose Extract 4. Follow the instructions and there will be two files (reset.cmd and subinacl.exe) 5. Double click the reset.cmd file 6. You will see a DOS-like window processing. (NOTE: It may take several minutes, please be patient. When it is finished, you will be prompted that "Finished, press any key to continue") After completing the above steps, please refer to the Windows Update website to install the WGA toll again. If it still cannot be installed, let's move on to the steps below to manually install it. " Left the 2nd part out since the first worked! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>> 2) "SYMPTOMS After you uninstall and then reinstall Microsoft Windows Defender Beta 2, you may receive the following error message: Windows Defender definitions haven?t been updated If you check for updated definitions when this occurs, Windows Defender reports that no updates are available. Back to the top CAUSE This problem occurs because after Windows Defender Beta 2 has been reinstalled, it does not automatically obtain new definitions until the next definition update is published on the Windows Update Web site. RESOLUTION To resolve this problem, follow these steps: 1. Remove the current signature file. To do this, click Start, click Run, type Msiexec /x {A5CC2A09-E9D3-49EC-923D-03874BBD4C2C}, and then click OK. 2. Open Windows Defender. To do this, click Start, click Programs, and then click Windows Defender. 3. Check for new definitions. To do this, click the Help options arrow next to the Windows Defender Help icon, click About Windows Defender, and then click Check for Updates. " Hope this might help. UncleDoug
  2. Not sure if this will help, but sometimes it does. Run chkdsk and reboot. The easiest way is to click on run then my compurter, right click on C drive (if that is your main drive) and chose properties, then Tools, and select error checking, then put a check mark in the top box. Sometimes I will check both, but it takes a while to run. Also run SFC /Scannow from the command line. But before you do that ensure you have completely removed all the files and folders and then check in "Windows Install CleanUp" and delete it IF it is there. You have searched on Microsoft and Macromedia's Help files for the error message you are getting. "Flash Player Publisher could not be verified" Oh IF you are using Norton 2006 check to see if it are part of it is being blocked by Nortons Worm Control. Also had problems from an update a few weeks back that I was given a link to a file "reset.cmd", that I need to occaisionally run to fix strange problems that were not there before the update. There are 2 files in the folder I only run the reset.cmd "not sure what the other does"! Good Luck UncleDoug
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