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  1. I linked the above post to Broadbandreports topic for more exposure - See http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r20276381-Update I'm guessing changes were made in CC's as well as ZA's application - Possibly having to do with the CC updater piece being the trigger. I''m sure the CCleaner developers can elaborate, confirm or correct this. Based on your AV detection results, I'd say you're surfing in some interesting territory and/or downloading some dodgy CODECs.
  2. Glad to shed some light on the scope of the situation - I am not a programmer, but could it be that something that was changed in the updater/version checker code might have triggered the FP? Usually a "backdoor" FP alerts on some call-home capabilities or functions of legitimate applications. If the updated code in 2.04.543 was modified as part of the update, that might be someplace to look.
  3. See Broadband Reports Security forum topic at this link. and Zone Alarm forum topic at this link. HTH EG
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