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  1. Thank you Sir: I did what you advised and as far as I can tell it solved the problem. Thank you for Ccleaner.
  2. Thank you for Ccleaner. I contribute to Ccleaner once every year. Stats: windows 7 pro 64-bit Ccleaner v.5.31.6105 When I download v5.32.6129 and execute the .exe file version, 5.31.6105 still shows when I run Ccleaner. What is wrong? Please advise. ~email address removed to avoid member being spammed
  3. Thank you for responding Nergal, IMHO Windows 10 is very invasive. What I do on my computer is my business and only my business. Microsoft needs to be stopped in their invasive practices. I will never put Windows 10 on my computer. I will run Windows 7 until the cows come home. I put my Wife on Ubuntu to get rid of the windows crap one has to tolerate.
  4. I don't need or want a version of Ccleaner that has all the Windows 10 crap on it. It would certainly be nice if I could get a version of Ccleaner with this option. I am running Windows 7 pro 64-bit with no more updates. Thank you for Ccleaner. Regards, Jack Shankle email address removed by moderator to avoid spamming
  5. Thanks for responding. When I clicked on www.piriform.donate-to-piriform I got a virus message. I don't know if it was generated by ESET Smart Security or something else.
  6. 1-5-2017 Dear Sirs: It appears that I can no longer make a donation to Piriform. At least I can find no place to do it. I like your products and won't upgrade because of the cost. But I don't like to freeload either. Isn't something better than nothing???
  7. I tried to make a copy from Speccy to this web site. No Luck. Have to do it by hand. Will give the data in question. If you need more just ask. Windows 7 pro 64-bit. I sent a message to Kingston inquiring if I have the latest firmware. Kingston suv400s37240g ata device heads 16, cylinders 29,185, tracks 7,442,175, sectors 468,857,025. firmware version 0c3fd6sd As you can see this does not apply to an SSD. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thank you for Speccy, I contribute to Piriform every year. Speccy v1.30.730 (64-bit) Storage does not take into account an SSD Drive. For the SSD it is showing the characteristics of a Spinner.
  9. It is cleaning IE when it happens. Took about ten seconds. Sometimes might be 15 to 20 seconds. Thanks for helping
  10. Thanks for responding. In the window with the message "this process will permanently delete files from your system". When I hit Ok it hangs fro a short time.
  11. Thank you for Ccleaner, Stats: windows 7 pro 64-bit, Ccleaner v 5.24.5841 Dear Sirs: I will be making my yearly donation around Jan 1, 2017. I am afraid to update Ccleaner due to the windows 10 crap. I am having a slight problem with Ccleaner. It hangs at about 3% for a short time before continuing.
  12. I don't find having anything from my computer on the Cloud amusing. Obviously some of you do. I guess you don't like or want privacy. It's a great place for the NSA to prance around....
  13. I want nothing to do with the Cloud. Word it anyway you like but if I get the slightest hint of Ccleaner putting my stuff on the Cloud then I will stop using Ccleaner. I know Piriform could care less what I do.....
  14. Do any of the updates for Ccleaner contain code for the Cloud? I shouldn't have to have the Cloud shoved down my throat.
  15. Thanks for any help. Running Windows 7 pro 64-bit on a Pavilion 64-bit computer. I have never touched the settings since day 1. So they are as Piriform set them. I also use defragger on a Windows 7 pro 32-bit Dell and it works fine. Maybe I should try an earlier version to see if that solves the problem. Where can I find an earlier version of defragger
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