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  1. Thanks for keeping an eye on it. I've attached a screenshot of my above append circling some of the "t" examples - both missing and extra. It's not happening today in this append so it's apparently all better and working OK..
  2. The default is the ENTER key. Just pressing it with a finger is simpler and easier than having to take a mouse, move it ttto the right box and clicking it. Not selecting "Do not show this message again" is an extra safey step that I wan't to keep P.S. There's a problem replying here as the letter "t" is intermittently being dropped and added, as you can see
  3. You introduced an annoying run time user interface bug in your current release. In release V5.66.7716 and all prior releases, after selecting "Run cleaner", the box warning that it would delete things came up and "do you wish to continue?". The screen was set that "continue" was the assumed selection, so pressing "enter" ran Ccleaner. But in v5.70.7909 and the immediately preceding release, "continue" is no longer the assumed selection. Instead, the words in the box now have a black background. And now I have to use the mouse and manually select the "continue" box, instead of just pressing "en
  4. When I select a program in the Startup screen and I select "Disable" it fails to disbale the program. Using the right mouse "Disable" failed as well. Is this a known bug? CCleaner V3.03.1366
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