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  1. I am nice But, as you saw the guy barked at me for no reason. So, Moderator, do your job... but do it fairly
  2. LOL, are you nuts? Drunk, so early in the morning? Crawl back into your hole and save your shouting for the next footie match, you hooligan.
  3. Do I understand you correctly that I should edit the winapp.ini (ignoring the warning at the top which says not to edit it) by looking at every line that has a "Detect" and then deleting that line if it refers to a file I do not have -- or should I delete every section with a bracketed [title] that is about an application that I do not have -- and then saving the edited winapp.ini?
  4. O.K., so I have check boxes in CCleaner applications tab for Adobe Acrobat 9.0 and Adobe Acrobat 10.0. Acrobat was never installed on my computer, but Adobe Reader is. So do I go through the registry and manually delete every occurrence of "Acrobat"? Or would that be a risky thing to do?
  5. On second thought, "Datenbanken komprimieren" (Compress databases) is in fact better, as "consolidate" also carries the meaning of merging multiple databases into a single one, which is undesired here. Thanks for your comment!
  6. Hello, I believe there is a mistake in the German translation of CCleaner. In the Applications tab, for both Firefox and Google Chrome, in each case the last checkbox is labeled "Kompakte Datenbanken" (literally: Compact databases.) However, I would assume that in the English version of CCleaner, the word "Compact" is a verb, not an adjective. "Kompakte", on the other hand, is an adjective. This changes the meaning. A user might get the idea that ticking the checkbox will mean that "compact [adjective] databases" will be deleted. So, the German translation should be changed so that it is the verb and not the adjective. Unfortunately, there is no direct equivalent for "to compact" in the German language. Possible alternatives are "Datenbanken konsolidieren" (Consolidate databases) or "Datenbanken komprimieren" (Compress databases).
  7. First, a quick thank you to all the good work you do. Will the next update include OpenOffice.org 3.3.0? Alternatively, can i simply edit the winapp2.ini file and change the OOo entry from "3.2" to "3.3" there?
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