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  1. Manufacturer: HP Model: Pavilion g6 Notebook PC Version: g6-2210us Chipset Vendor: AMD Chipset Model: ?? Chipset Revision: ?? Speccy appears to be reporting invalid CPU temps. This laptop computer has a dual-core processor. I installed CoreTemp and it reports temps for each core. Speccy seems to be adding the two temps and, therefore, reporting a falsely high temperature. For example, I just started CoreTemp and it reported 39C or 40C degrees for each core while I was running CoreTemp. I closed it and started Speccy; it is reporting 89C for temp for CPU, an extremely high and alarming temperature. The temps it is reporting for motherboard, graphics, and storage are 40C, 38C, and 37C, respectively, so no worries there.
  2. I've been using Opera as my web browser. Today, when I ran the latest version of CCleaner's file cleanup utility, my last Opera session , i.e. the websites open when I last closed Opera, was deleted. Consequently, when I re-started Opera, it only had one tab open.
  3. Hmm, no answer from CCleaner on this?
  4. I went to CCleaner's donation page, with the intention of making a donation. I see I'm locked into a certain amount that's shown there. I wish to donate if different amount. Does CCleaner not want my money?
  5. On the download page, I clicked on the Paypal button to make a donation. The screens that follow seem to be stuck on the $20 as the amount. How can the amount be changed by a contributor?
  6. Yep, that worked for me. Right after I installed it with Vista and opened it the normal way and ran an Issues scan, it would not remove the items; it appeared to remove them but a repeat scan brought back all the same items. After reading your tip, I opened by right-clicking the CCleaner desktop icon and choosing run as administrator, and then it did, indeed, remove the items found.
  7. The Work menu is not shown on Word's default menu but can be added in any version of Word starting with Word 97. I see that any items I add to the Work menu get removed when I ran a CCleaner scan of Applications, including Office. If I do not include Office in the scan, then, of course, this does not happen. I suppose there's no way to include Office in the Applications scan but elect to have CCleaner leave the Work menu as is. Am I right? Apparently, the file involved in index.dat.
  8. Eh ..., I think that's certainly not the case for everybody with nVidia based cards. I'm using their latest or near-latest driver, 81.98, having no such mouse problem with my Logitech wireless mouse. I did have a mouse problem about 5 or 6 months ago when I installed a new hard drive, did a fresh installation of Win XP, and downloaded the latest version of Logitech's SetPoint mouse/keyboard software. My mouse was freezing. I uninstalled that version of SetPoint and installed the older version that came with my mouse. Problem solved.
  9. ... merge? ... instructions? What instructions?
  10. soybean

    Outlook Express

    OE has some cleanup options which, I believe, will take care of that. Under Tools, Options, Maintenance, and Clean Up Now (button), you have several options for cleaning up email. If you have saved attachments to a separate location from your email messages, you would, of course, need to delete those files from the location(s) to which you saved them. As far as what CCleaner does re: any remants of deleted messages, I do not know about that.
  11. soybean


    Would you care to answer the question I asked? No one has done that in the public messages, yet. The question, again: what's issue when the toolbar can simply be un-selected? I now understand, from a private message, that the only difference between the Basic and Standard version is the toolbar. Seems like someone could have responded to my question with that info. It seems the real complaint from users should be that the inclusion of the toolbar in the Standard version is not known to site visitors if they do not click on the link on the main download page to Other builds. In other words, the option of the Basic version is somewhat hidden. I did not see that fact embedded in the messages I read that contained the complaints about the toolbar.
  12. ... search function ..., Google search... What for? My point was that the toolbar can simply be un-selected during installation of CCleaner. However, I now understand a key point that I was not sure of earlier today, which is that the only difference between the Basic version and the Standard version is the Yahoo toolbar. Seems strange to create two versions of the downloadable file when the only difference is the bundling of the toolbar and the user can easily elect not to install it when downloading the Standard version, but now I understand those are the facts.
  13. SpeedFan will give you temperature readings.
  14. soybean

    Speed up you IE

    Comments here about IE being slow don't make sense to me. And, I haven't tweaked my IE. And, it's not slow. Last summer, I installed a new hard drive in my nephew's computer. I did fresh installation of Windows, MS Office, etc. I installed Firefox, just in case he wanted to use it. I found no significant difference speed between the two browsers. Neither took more than about 2 seconds for initial launch, as I recall.
  15. Got Outlook? It has Notes, and they can be placed on the desktop.
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