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  1. So, I was fixing a computer belonging to the father of a friend of mine. I have a pretty set routine when fixing computers, and I proceeded as usual. Install Windows, install drivers, install applications, install updates, restore backup data, run CCleaner and then Defraggler. CCleaner's "Cleaner" portion is working just fine -- however, the "Registry" portion is giving me a few "Unused File Extension" entries that just... don't jive with what I've done. For one, it's listing .iso, .cue, and .img as several of them, when in fact I know that each of these is associated with InfraRecorde
  2. Thanks! I received a prompt reply from Piriform, saying that I am in the clear to do this for my clients provided that I do not charge for the software. I charge for the service of repair and construction of PC's, which is acceptable. I'd advise any users doing the same thing kroozer suggested, to e-mail Piriform directly about this issue just so that they have their own copy of Piriform's permission to distribute the software. Piriform, you rock. Keep on making this software, it's great.
  3. Hi! I'm starting a technology services company which will mainly focus on repairing and building PC's for people, but also does wireless and home network setups. We want our PC's (both ones we build and ones we repair) to be extremely functional from the get-go while also excelling in usability. I feel that pretty much everyone agrees that the HPs and Dells of the world come with far too much software pre-installed, and this software is typically resource-heavy AND offers limited functionality in hopes that the user purchases a more "feature complete" version. CCleaner (in my mind) does
  4. That's all fine and dandy, but I'm more concerned about my users -- specifically, the people whom I fix computers for. They don't know any better, but they do know to update their software. I've told them that updates fix software bugs, patch security vulnerabilities, and sometimes improve the program's feature set. Unfortunately, I can't do that with Piriform's software -- I usually disable the "Automatically check for updates for <insert Piriform software product here>" because if I don't, the user will probably download the newest version of CCleaner, click "Next," "Next," "Next
  5. Hey guys. First I'd like to start by saying that I'm a longtime fan of Piriform software. I imagine that you receive frequent compliments for your software, which you should. I would like to add to that collection of compliments, by saying that you guys write some of the best software on Windows. Not just some of the best freeware, some of the best software*. Most for-profit Windows software doesn't remotely hold a candle to how well your software runs nor, obviously, how affordable it is. Piriform: You are no small part of the greater effort to bring the power and utility of pe
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