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  1. no i didn't update the drivers but I was trying to update the drivers after the crash so i uninstalled the drivers but then they just reinstalled themselves on startup. this seemed to help things out for a while until i recently got this ndis.sys error message
  2. My system the past several weeks has been constantly crashing, mostly at startup. It goes to the blue screen and gives a STOP error. I have not written down the error each time but I know that one time it was the nv4_disp.dll, which is an NVIDIA driver. Another time the error it gave was ndis.sys, which I do not know what that is. I was wondering what this means exactly and what I need to do to fix it. A separate question I have is that I hook up an external monitor to my laptop through my DVI port, and I am connect and disconnect the DVI cable while the laptop is on. Is this a bad practice?
  3. sorry i didn't explain it very well. i think i just panicked when i got the dell popup and realized my c: drive was shared. i recently installed comodo on my laptop, and i have not configured it for file sharing so i have not allowed access by anyone other than the defaults. so i should be fine right?
  4. While at home I share my c drive on my laptop across my network to access it through my desktop. I do this by opening up the port on my router through my firewall. I forgot that I had my drive shared and I have been using laptop at a hotel for past week and a dell support popup comes up saying everyone can see my files. Another thing of note is that I just installed comodo firewall last week and had not configured it at home for my file sharing, so does that mean it should be protecting my computer already from unwanted intrusions? Do I have a serious concern here, and if so what is it, and what do I need to do?
  5. Almost all of my programs will not uninstall, either through the add/remove programs or through ccleaner. When I try to uninstall it says could not open install.log file. I believe this is something that ccleaner deleted. Is there anything I can do at this point or am I pretty much screwed?
  6. i am definitely looking for a new antivirus and firewall program. I honestly liked norton for the last year but in the last day they have managed to 100% change my opinion of them. I suppose I will give avast a try and possibly try zonealarm as a firewall.
  7. thank you so much tarun. you are awesome. i wish i would have come here ten hours ago. those guys at symantec were just messing with me. i will never again use one of their products, if i have any choice.
  8. I have spent 10 hours chatting with symantec reps trying to install my norton software. they are officially worthless and have now screwed up my computer. the uninstall didn't seem to be getting rid of everything, so some idiot that worked for them told me to boot in safe mode and delete all norton and symantec files and folders, and delete the symantec registry. well i couldn't delete all the norton files because some of the .dll files were write protected or being used or something, and now my computer gives microsoft errors on startup about the symantec internal component. I can no longer use the uninstall function on norton's website because when i try to install their activeX it says norton antivirus does not support the repair function. please uninstall and reinstall. All I want to do is get rid of all symantec products and be done with their crappy company for the rest of my life. All they have is chat support, with people who hardly speak english and are obviously typing answers from a guide. At least 3 of them have hung up on me, 3 of them have lied to me saying they would send me an email and they never sent one. In my opinion it is the worst customer support I have ever experienced in my life.
  9. Thanks all. I think I got it figured out. It was not giving me an error it was just trying to update and the installer would not finish the setup. I uninstalled the previous versions and installed from the link above and it seems to have worked.
  10. I am trying to update java and the windows installer will not work. It gets stuck at preparing to install. I think it is probably due to ccleaner but I am not sure. Any suggestions?
  11. Why was this not discussed? Is it safe to delete all the stuff in downloaded installations? My files have a bunch of setup files and license.txt files, etc. I have over 200MB in my downloaded installations.
  12. I just ran CCleaner for the first time on my system, clearing the temp files and the registry. When I restarted my computer an installer started up and it wouldn't start, saying: Norton Antivirus 2005 does not support the Repair feature, please uninstall and reinstall. What does this mean?
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