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  1. v5.47.8198. Seems to be ok now. After unticking the items Ccleaner was no longer in the Startup tab and I didn't find it anywhere in Processes. Restarted and seems to have stuck. I probably didn't do it properly the last time. Thanks to all for the assistance, James
  2. I was making the point that I deleted from Task Scheduler Library not Task Manager. I reset my password yesterday but it would accept my password today. So I reset it (forgot password). I'm also unable to turn off italic if you were wondering
  3. It didn't work. Ccleaner added it back to the .Task Scheduler Library.' And of course, Ccleaner added to the 'Run' line. Trying now to find a way to reinstall the earlier version. Also, I keep havin to to reset my password for this forum. That's getting to be a pain, also.
  4. Problem is you can't delete the entry form Task Manager. I'll have to upgrade to the newer version. I restored an image with an earlier version of Ccleaner.
  5. Didn't work. I keep deleting the 'Run' entry from the registry and Ccleaner keeps adding it back in.
  6. I am using v5.74.8198. I disabled "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" I'll see if hat helps. James
  7. I unchecked smart cleaning but I see CCleaner stil starts at startup even though I have 'Smart Cleaning' unchecked. This requires me to go inta the Windows Registry and delete the 'Run' line. Any ideas why this is happening?? James
  8. CCleaner v4.14.4707 on WIndows 8.1. Even though I have "Tray Notification Cache" ticked, CCleaner is not resetting the cache. After running the cleaner I rebooted: the cache is the same, ended the Explorer task and restarted it: the cache is the same. Any ideas why this isn't working?? James
  9. Ok. I was curious if anyone else was having this issue with logging into Piriform Forums. When I click the login at the top from the main page noting happens. I'm unable to log in until I select a category and then click in. James
  10. Great. But, was just curious why it doesn't seem to clean this when I clean everything and I have it checked. James
  11. Yes I just installed it. So what you're saying is the Tray Notifications Cache doesn't delete these 2 said registry binary values? I don't quite understand what it modifies when I run the cleaner. When I manually delete these values I only see 2 or 3 items in the tray options and I need to reset network back to Only show notifications. James
  12. Even though I have 'Tray Notifications Cache ' ticked it doesn't remove the Tray Notifications. After running the cleaner, rebooting, and even ended explorer.exe task and restorting it the notifications are stil there. I opened the registry to see, and 'IconStreams' and 'PastIconsStream' are both still there. I've unchecked all other except 'Tray Notifications cache' and run 'Analyze' and it still doesn't seem to notice that the registry values are still there... it finds 0 bytes to clean. Is there something I'm missing? One more thing. How the heck does one edit the post subject??? I
  13. JamesJ

    64Bit vs 32bit

    Got it. Thanks, James
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